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Netflix for iPhone, iPad goes live in the UK

Netflix is now available in the UK, and that means it's now available for iPhone and iPad in the UK App Store (and Android too). One month of service will run you £5.99 which isn't too far off the US or Canadian prices.

Content is... content. It sounds like it's okay at launch but stuff will come, stuff will go, so if you see something you like, start watching it now.

It's a universal binary, so if you're in the UK and you try it out, let us know how it works for you.

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Young boy insulted by Siri running on a store’s demo iPhone 4S

A twelve year old boy and his mother have been left in a state of shock after a Siri on demonstration model of an iPhone 4S insulted them. The iPhone 4S was being displayed in a Tesco’s supermarket in the UK and earlier in the day pranksters had messed around with Siri and set its owners name as a seven word string of insults.

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UK network O2 now offering to lease the iPhone 4S with no upfront costs

UK mobile network O2 has started offering the iPhone 4S on a new service which it is calling O2 Lease. The O2 Lease service, according to O2, is unique in the fact that it offers customers the option to rent an iPhone 4S with no upfront costs. The deal would run for twelve months after which you can return the phone back to O2 or renew the deal for a newer iPhone model.

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[UPDATED] Apple Black Friday deals start going live

Apple's one day discount event has started going live in Australia and the UK, among other countries. Deals seem to be as expected -- slim but fairly widespread -- on select iPod touch, iPad, Mac, Accessories, and even iTunes Gift Cards.

Unfortunately, you won't be getting any deals on the iPhone, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, Apple TV, Mac Pro and the Mac mini. (Sorry!)

Below is a list of prices for Australia, UK, US and Canada.

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Starbucks launches its free iTunes download offer in the UK

Starbucks has extended its free iTunes “Pick of the Week” give away into the UK; the offer was previously only offered within the United States. Now, any visitor to Starbucks in the UK can take advantage of totally free Wi-Fi as well as a free download from iTunes.

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European iPhone 4S pricing round up

Apple has announced some of its European launch pricing for the iPhone 4S. The countries with pricing available are the United Kingdom, France and Germany. These are the countries that will get the iPhone on October 14 with pre-orders starting on October 7. The prices are for a SIM free unlocked iPhone 4S and cell service would have to be taken out separately.

United Kingdom

iPhone 4S 16GB         £499.00

iPhone 4S 32GB         £599.00

iPhone 4S 64GB         £699.00


iPhone 4S 16GB         €629.00

iPhone 4S 32GB         €739.00

iPhone 4S 64GB         €849.00


iPhone 4S 16GB         €629.00

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Apple close to securing some international iCloud music rights, may reveal on Tuesday

Cnet is reporting that Apple is very close to securing the rights to offer iCloud music storage and iTunes Match in more countries than the U.S. at launch. When the service was first announced at WWDC, Apple only had the iCloud music storage and iTunes match agreements in place with the U.S. record labels.

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Outside the US? No iTunes iCloud music for you until 2012 or later!

If you're outside the US, don't get too excited about iTunes iCloud music services like re-downloading and iTunes Match streaming, because you'll likely have to wait until 2012 if not later before it comes to your region. According to The Telegraph, Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud music storage service will not be coming to UK users until the first quarter of 2012 at the very earliest.  A spokesman for the Performing Right Society (PRS), which is responsible for ensuring songwriters and music publishers are paid for their work told The Telegraph the bad news.

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iPhone hit by yet another daylight savings time alarm bug

Seems like Apple just can't get their alarms to work consistently following time changes. The bug struck again, according to BBC News, as some iPhone owners in the UK were late for work this morning after the clocks moved forward an hour for British Summer Time. Similar problems occurred during the switch to and from standard time in North America, and following New Year.

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International iPad 2 pricing announced, UK less than the original iPad launch price

Earlier today Apple confirmed that iPad 2 will go on sale Friday, 25 March at 5pm local time, with online orders starting a 1am -- and now international pricing has begun to show up.

Read on for the full breakdown...

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