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Not on the AT&T $30 iPhone Data Plan? Soon You Will Be...

If you currently own a iPhone 3G and are lucky enough to be paying $15 for the MEdia Net Unlimited data plan, your luck is about to change. And not for the better. AT&T is currently on the hunt for you, and you will soon join the rest of us in coughing up another $15 a month of your hard earned money for the the $30 iPhone 3G data plan.

You chould be receiving the following email anytime now:


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Rumor Smashed: No Unlocked iPhone 3G in the US

Good news? Looks like there really is a new "Home" option for iPhone activation in the US. Bad news? Looks like it has nothing to do with the iPhone being sold unlocked. Apple Insider, who broke the rumor, updates as follows:

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AT&T Releases New (Still Expensive) Roaming Data Plans

Have an iPhone on AT&T and want to travel internationally without re-mortgaging your house to pay for the data roaming? You're in luck... mostly. Engadget says the USA's exclusive iPhone carrier has just released two new plans to help mitigate your risk: $119.99 for 100MB and $199.99 for 200MB.

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Best Buy to Start Selling the iPhone 3G USA-Wide on Sept. 7

Finally. Finally! You'll be able to get your giant-sized HDTV $200 HDMI cables, chocolate frosted sugar bombs, and iPhone 3G all under one big, blue roof!

Yup, Apple Insider rumored yesterday, and now Associated Press has confirmed, Best Buy will begin selling 970 full-size stores and 16 smaller, but recently upgraded Best Buy Mobile stores, come September 7.

Says Shawn Score, president of Best Buy Mobile:

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iPhone 3G in the US and UK: 2 Weeks Later

It's been two weeks since the July 11th, 22 nation launch. Do you know where your iPhone 3G is? Sadly, for many, the answer is still "backordered" if not "out-of-stock". But don't worry, your always customer conscious and perennially consumer focused mobile cell provider wants to make sure you know that they know that you're feeling some pain. And they want to assure you they're doing everything they can to get your money you your shiny new iPhone 3G.

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iPhone 3G International Roundup! USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal!

WOW! iPhone plans and prices are dropping faster than Rogers stock these days. With a 22 country launch on Friday (and a few days later in France -- vive la difference, eh?), some with multiple co-exclusive carriers, each with different tiers of service (from cheap, all-you-can-eat unlimited to tiny $$$ per byte ultra-rip-offs) it's a lot to keep track of -- but we're still going to try!

Read on for the good, the bad, and a lot of ugly!

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iPhone in the USA: Apple 8am Kicks and AT&T Dirty Upgrade Tricks

Live in the USA and want an iPhone 3G? Better get up early! We already told you how AT&T stores would be opening up at 8am sharp, and now Apple Stores will be following their lead. (And if you're in NYC and want to get it at the giant glass cube flagship, the line-up has already started, so hurry up and get your spot behind the hippies!)

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Happy Independence Day USA! + iPhone 3G Line Up Has Begun!

You knew it was coming, inevitable as the rise of Old Glory on July 4th -- the first iPhone 3G line up has begun at the NYC Apple Flagship Store!

Or should we say... Tailgate Party!

(iPhone launches are the Superbowl of consumer electronics, aren't they?)

The line began forming today, the Friday before the Friday of launch, just 1 week (and a few hours) before the first iPhone 3G goes on sale at 8am (and, if an AT&T estimate of 30 min. per activation is anywhere near accurate, likely 7 days and many hours before the second one will be up for sale!)

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iPhone 3G in the USA & Canada: Get Out of T-Mo Free and Rogers Still Reeling

Sister site WMExperts brings word that T-Mobile is raising the a la carte price of SMS text messages to an exorbitant $.20 per 160 characters (sadly, an industry average...) While they have their theories as to why tiny text qualifies for thousands of dollars per meg of data charges, others only really care about one thing:

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