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Does iPhone 4 support the iPad camera kit?

Does iPhone 4 support the iPad camera kit? Turns out no, at least not under iOS 4. I plugged mine in and immediately got the error you see above. Since I've gotten compatibility errors using other accessories in the past that turned out to work just find if I ignored said errors, I plugged in a camera to see if anything magical would happen.

It didn't.

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USB Implementors Forum on iTunes Sync: Apple's Right, Palm's Wrong

Looks like the USB Implementers Forum has taken Apple's side over Palm's in their ongoing war of USB locking vs. USB spoofing. Digital Daily (via MacRumors) has the deets:

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Yeahbuwhy?! - Palm Spoofs Apple USB Vendor ID, Files Complaint Against Apple for Misuse of USB Vendor ID

Dieter did some digging over at and goes through how Palm re-hacked the iTunes sync. It looks pretty much like what we figured. Palm is spoofing the Apple USB Vendor ID so as to present as an iPod. This is one step deeper than last time, where they still ID'd themselves as a Pre. In a further display of chutzpah, while violating the prohibition against misuse of USB vendor IDs themselves, Palm has filed a complaint against "another company" (we're guessing Apple) for improper use of same.

So let's follow the logic here. Palm is seemingly objecting to Apple using the USB vendor ID to filter out non-Apple devices. Palm doesn't feel that filtering is in keeping with the openness of the USB standard.

What's the alternative, however? For Apple to maintain control over their own software by putting an authentication chip in every iPod/iPhone that handshakes with iTunes before syncing? Or to agree to freely license iTunes interoperability to every device maker on the planet?

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Is it Time for Apple to Switch From Dock Connector to USB?

The iPhone, like the iPod before it (well, at least since the 3rd-gen iPod, when Apple switched from FireWire), uses a proprietary connector called the dock for charging, syncing, video and audio-out, and multiple other functions. A broad port with 30 pins for many purposes, having a proprietary connector gives Apple a lot of flexibility, but also -- through their licensing program -- a lot of control over who can make peripherals and what can be done with them.

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Review: Griffin PowerDuo for iPhone and iPod Touch

Sometimes just having the default sync cable is not enough. If you use an iPhone 3G, that sucker's battery dies very fast and waiting till you get home/work to charge it just doesn't cut it in certain situations. So, I have been on a quest, a quest to find a great car charger that can double as a general charging/syncing cable. Well, I think I have found it, the Griffin PowerDuo [available now in iMore Store!

Read on for the full review!

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Apple Recalls Ultracompact USB Power Adapter

Adding to MobileMe issues, casing cracks, and 2.0 problems (Apple sure has a lot on their plate), it looks like the ultracompact and ultra-cute USB power adapter is being recalled.

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