Help! I'm about to buy a Prime Day USB stick that looks like the Boston Dynamics robot dog!

Robot Dog Usb Stick
Robot Dog Usb Stick (Image credit: Chauuxee)

Life is supposed to be fun, and what could be more fun than a transforming USB thumb drive in the shape of Ravage from the 1980s Transformers TV show? I can't think of much and I certainly couldn't stop myself from pressing the checkout button on my Amazon cart in a moment of nostalgic weakness. Is it daft? Yes, very much so. Is it fun? Also yes. It's also only $10 at Amazon, making it a pay-and-forget purchase if you ask me.

Prime Day is coming to an end soon, so make sure you get those last-minute novelty purchases done and dusted before the end of the day! Even if that last purchase is a frivolous and slightly dumb memory stick. No, I take that back — it should be a frivolous and slightly dumb memory stick. However, if you're still searching for something a bit grander, we've rounded up the best Prime Day Apple Deals, as well as the best Nintendo Switch Prime Day Deals, and many more!

I wish I could say more about this thumb drive. It's got 32GB of flash storage on board, it's USB 3.0 compatible, and it's errr... apparently, the "perfect gift for a student boy." Monogendering a flash drive aside, there's only one thing you really need to know about it: it's shaped like Ravage.

Ravage, of course, usually transforms into a cassette tape, and slots into the front of his boss/mate/dad Soundwave. This won't do that, but you'll still absolutely put on your best robot voice and say, "Ravage, eject!" as you yank him out of your computer's USB slot. The best Prime Day deal it is not — but it is my favorite so far.

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