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Waterproof Cases

Best Cases for Shooting Underwater iPhone Photography

How do you take amazing underwater photographs with your iPhone? With an amazing waterproof case, for starters!

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Best Waterproof Bags for iPhone

Keep your iPhone dry and functional with these awesome waterproof bags.

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Best waterproof cases for iPhone 6s

Keep your iPhone 6s dry as a bone with these durable waterproof cases!

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Best waterproof cases for iPhone SE

Before you’re beach-bound or pool-seeking, get that iPhone SE safe and waterproofed.

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Dive in with the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Case for iPhone 6s

Looking for true surf and turf protection? This full-body waterproof case for the iPhone 6s keeps the phone safe from nasty drops and submersions of up to 6.6 feet.

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Best waterproof cases for iPad Air 2

If you're planning on taking your tablet to the beach, poolside, or even on the boat, you may want to consider picking up a reliable waterproof case for your iPad Air 2. We've selected 3 of our favorites that ensure your iPad stays bone dry above or below the drink.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 gets waterproof: Should iPhone 6 do the same?

Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S5 was announced at Mobile World Congress this week and rightfully garnered a lot of attention — it's Samsung's next flagship smartphone. Among the new features one jumped out at me as something I'd love to see Apple add to their next iPhone: waterproofing. Yeah, that's right, waterproofing. Think I'm crazy? Hear me out.

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OverBoard waterproof case for iPad review

"The OverBoard waterproof case for iPad is a must-have for everything from the bath to the beach, but can be a little tough to close if your hands are covered in suds or tanning lotion."

I absolutely love waterproof cases like the OverBoard for when I'm traveling. They work exceptionally well to keep your iPad or iPad 2 clean and dry, and can double as a handy place to store some cash and credit cards as well. They also work great at home, letting you enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub while reading, surfing the web, or playing your favorite iPad game.

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TiPb Gear: Aquapac Case for iPhone and iPod

The Aquapac case is a waterproof case for your iPhone and iPod [$24.95 Store Link] for anyone who wants to the beach, pool, fishing, or take their device anywhere near the dangers of water. What the Acquapac misses out in looks it makes up for in sheer usability. Watch us put it to the test, after the break!

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