Dive in with the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Case for iPhone 6s

This two-piece hard case is built tough enough to handle harsh impacts while being able to keep the iPhone 6s bone-dry whether you're caught in some bad weather, fishing your phone out of a toilet, or it takes a dive into the pool by accident. The case is surprisingly slim for the level of protection it provides, and features a soft padding between both layers that the iPhone 6s rests on. The front of the case snaps on easily and features its own flexible screen protector that Dog & Bone advertises as glass, but looks and feels like plastic.


  • Durable and waterproof
  • Great grip
  • Slim form factor


  • Poor screen protector
  • Loose fit with iPhone 6
  • Fiddly plugs for Lightning and headphone ports

There's also a dotted pattern on the inside of the built-in screen protector that isn't all that great to look at, whether the display is off or on. Touch screen response was still on point, though, in part thanks to those dots. Everything else on the front of the iPhone 6s is covered with this protective film, including the front-facing camera, speaker, and home button. Audio quality is only slightly diminished since the front speaker is covered up, but still audible enough to warrant using the case.

Flipping the front cover over, there's a plastic seal that wraps around the edges to keep out any water intrusion. It's important to keep an eye on this seal over time, especially if you take your phone into salt water, chlorinated pools, sand or mud. Dog & Bone recommends washing the case in fresh water after such exposure to help extend its lifespan.

The back cover of the Wetsuit case features a textured polycarbonate that's surrounded by a soft rubber bumper, together enhancing grip even when the case is wet. The cutouts for the camera and flash are covered with the same clear protector found on the front. Buttons along the side are extended to provide a more comfortable press through the rubber bumper.

Keeping the Lightning and headphone ports dry are hinged plugs that each feature their own rubber gasket seal. Dog & Bone includes a short headphone extension cable since the auxiliary opening is somewhat restricted in size, reducing compatibility with most 3.5mm cables. Standard-sized Lightning cables, however, still work without an issue. The bottom speaker of the iPhone 6s has a mesh cover that keeps out water, but also allows audio to pass through.

After submerging the Wetsuit Impact case for 45 minutes it definitely kept my iPhone 6s dry. While I'm not a fan of the built-in screen protector, it's extremely responsive and easy to keep clean. A thin spacer is included for those using a regular iPhone 6, unfortunately it still sits loose and rattles inside the case. Otherwise, it's not a bad cover for those seeking a slim and protective waterproof solution for their iPhone 6s, currently priced at $66.

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Brent Zaniewski

Your friendly neighborhood accessories guru