Best waterproof bags for iPhone iMore 2022

The best waterproof bags for iPhones are an inexpensive way to keep your iPhone safe and dry when you want to grab pool pics, on vacation at the beach, or even when you're stuck in a storm. Waterproof bags fit every version of the iPhone, and they're far less pricey than hard-to-find waterproof cases.

Note: Waterproof bags do not work with Touch ID. The biometric scanner in Touch ID needs to be able to read your fingerprint and requires a special membrane that allows the fingerprint scan to work.

JOTO waterproof iphone pouch

Super protective: JOTO universal waterproof pouch cellphone dry bag case

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JOTO's universal waterproof case comes in eight colors, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do: Keep your iPhone dry. With an IPX8 rating, JOTO's bag is water, snow, and dust-proof and can keep water out to a depth of 100 feet. If you go scuba diving, swim with your iPhone, or want to take underwater photos and videos, this is the best iPhone waterproof bag for you. JOTO fits every phone from the best small iPhone up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Frieq Waterproof Iphone Bag Render Cropped

Colorful and stylish: FRiEQ waterproof phone bag 2-pack

This two-pack fits every device up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. There's a crystal clear window on both sides, making it perfect for taking underwater, poolside, or beach pictures. You can also use your touchscreen with the FRiEQ without needing to remove your iPhone from the bag. With IPX8 certification, your iPhone is protected down to 100 feet without worry.

$9 at Amazon
Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch Render Cropped

Includes a waist strap: Syncwire waterproof pouch bag 2-pack

Syncwire waterproof pouches are rated IP68 and will keep your iPhone or other valuables dry in depths of up to six feet. These are large capacity bags with three zip-lock seals and a folding Velcro strap over the top, guaranteeing your devices don't get a soaking. Best of all, the Syncwire pouches come with a waist strap so that you can swim or run in the rain hands-free.

Procase Three Pack Waterproof Pouch Render Cropped

Fits every iPhone: ProCase universal waterproof pouch 3-pack

If you're lucky enough to own a new iPhone and iPhone 13 case, this is the waterproof bag you want. It fits everything up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max and has an IPX8 rating, guaranteeing it'll keep your smartphone dry down to 100 feet. This is a set of three dry pouches, so you can outfit the whole family. The easy-to-use snap and lock feature protects your phone from snow, rain, sleet, and dirt.

Kona waterproof phone case

Rugged design: Kona Submariner large waterproof phone pouch for iPhone

Rugged iPhone cases are tougher and stronger, made to withstand extreme conditions and handling. The same is true of the best iPhone waterproof bags. Kona's heavy-duty waterproof bag has a twist-to-lock closure to make sure your phone stays dry. It's still touch-sensitive and fits all devices up to 7.2 inches.

Pelican Floating Iphone Pouch Render Cropped

Best floating pouch: Case-Mate Pelican Marine Series waterproof floating pouch XL

Case-Mate's Pelican Series waterproof pouch for iPhone has built-in air cushioning that allows your phone to float while you're in the water. Attach the included lanyard while you swim or dive, and never worry about losing your device again. This case is IP68-rated to withstand being submerged in water, and it comes with enough extra space to store an ID and credit card.

Yosh Waterproof Universal Case Render Cropped

A bargain: Yosh waterproof case for iPhone

This iPhone waterproof bag from Yosh is rated IPX8, so you can enjoy fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, and other water sports without worrying about whether your phone stays dry. There's a clear window on the front and back to use your camera and touchscreen as usual. And the price is oh-so-nice!

Famaboy Waterproof Iphone Pouch Render Cropped

One for the whole family: Famoby 6-pack universal waterproof phone pouch

The Famoby dry bags are IPX8 rated and touch-sensitive, so they protect your phone down to 98 feet while still letting you use it. This bulk buy comes with six pouches that fit every iPhone from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 13, plus most Android devices.

$14 at Amazon

Why would you want a waterproof bag?

Sometimes, we need our phones on us at all times, even at an amusement park or in the pool. Plus, a little added protection is worth it if you don't want to cover the cost of a replacement phone. Pro-tip: Before using your purchase, fill your waterproof bag with a paper towel and submerge it in a sink full of water for around two hours. If the paper towel comes out dry, you're good to go. If not, send it back.

Although many newer iPhones come with an IP rating, making them somewhat water-resistant, a waterproof bag like the JOTO universal waterproof pouch provides extra protection that helps with not just water but also snow, mud, and other wet substances.

The iPhone waterproof bag from Yosh is an inexpensive option that fits all iPhones up to the iPhone 12 and offers IPX8 certification. And if you have a big phone, like the all-new iPhone 13 Pro Max, the best iPhone waterproof bag for you is Procase. This three-pack fits all iPhones and has a clear window on the front and back for taking pictures and checking notifications.

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