Best Waterproof Bags for iPhone

If you already have a case for your iPhone, then there's no sense in spending a bunch more on a waterproof case (which are few and far between).

If you're just headed out on vacation or want to take some pool pictures, then grab a waterproof bag. They fit every version of iPhone, and you can get them for a lot less than a waterproof case.

Pro tip: Fill your waterproof bag with paper towel and submerge it in a sink full of water for around two hours. If the paper towel comes out dry, you're good to go. If not, send it back.

Note: If you plan on traversing very deep water and your phone is in a protective case like an Otterbox, you might want to remove the case, as the added pressure could do damage to your iPhone. Also, no waterproof bag will work with Touch ID.


JOTO's waterproof bag for iPhone (and any 6-inch device, really) is the most-reviewed waterproof bag on Amazon, with 92% of its reviews being either four or five stars. And it's not hard to see why.

JOTO's universal waterproof case is only about $5, it comes in eight colors, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do: keep your iPhone dry. With an IPX8 rating, JOTO's bag is water, snow, and dust-proof, and able to keep water out to a depth of 100 feet. It's perfect for scuba divers, vacationers, and anyone who wants to take some awesome underwater photos/video.

The case is even touch-sensitive, so you can continue using your iPhone as you would normally.


Mpow is Amazon's number one best-selling waterproof bag in the "Marine Dry Bags" category. This two-pack is about $7 and features an IPX8 rating, which makes it good to go to 100 feet deep.

Mpow's bag is transparent on all sides, which makes it completely usable at all times, allowing you to take photos or play games while you're lounging in the pool. This bag will fit any version of iPhone and any other devices up to 6 inches diagonally. At the top of the bag is a simple snap-and-lock closure for quick access on the fly.

You have your choice of clear or black.


I guess you pronounce it "freak"? Either way, this universal waterproof case/bag is a stylish option in this department and features a handy lanyard, so you can hold onto your iPhone without having to hold on to your iPhone the whole time.

You have your choice of light blue, black, or pink, for around $8, and any version of iPhone will fit.

Like all good waterproof bags, FRiEQ's has a window on both sides and is made from a touch-sensitive material that lets you continue to use your iPhone.


Kona's waterproof bag is a little more heavy duty than the others on this list, featuring a twist-to-lock closure. It's still touch-sensitive, and you can easily access your iPhone to take photos and video.

This will fit all iPhones and any devices up to 6.3 inches diagonally, but if you have a thicker case, you'll have to remove it, since it's a tighter fit, width-wise.

If you notice any tears or the closure not working properly, Kona offers a 5-year replacement warranty for free. Pricing starts around $12.

Ace Teah

Ace Teah offers single bags for about $8, but you can opt for a two-pack for $11, so you might as well grab the two. You can even grab a three-pack for $14.

These bags are perfect for kids, since they come in four fun and vibrant colors: blue, orange, green, and pink.

Each bag is good to 100 feet deep and comes with a lanyard that can be easily detached. Ace Teah's bags will fit all iPhones, and it's important to note that these are not touch sensitive. Though you can still turn on your iPhone's camera, pop it in the bag, and use the volume buttons to take photos instead of the screen.


Yosh's bag is for adults who want to be stylish. It come in a pastel palette of pink, orange, green, and yellow, as well as black and white.

You can pick up one for $7 or a two-pack for $17… So you might as well grab two individually if that's the route you want to go.

Yosh's bags feature a nice long lanyard, so you can have your iPhone on your wrist while you're splashing around, and Yosh provides a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you can replace your bag.

How do you stay dry?

Got a favorite waterproof bag for your iPhone? Let us know which one you use in the comments below.

Updated June 2018: These waterproof bags are still the best of the best, but if you have any recommendations, let us know!

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