TiPb Gear: Aquapac Case for iPhone and iPod

The Aquapac case is a waterproof case for your iPhone and iPod [$24.95 Store Link] for anyone who wants to the beach, pool, fishing, or take their device anywhere near the dangers of water. What the Acquapac misses out in looks it makes up for in sheer usability. Watch us put it to the test, after the break!


The Aquapac has some pretty big shoes to fill in comparison to my handy dandy ziplock! (Yes, I've been using a ziplock as my "case" of choice in the bathtub until now!). Here are some of the things the Aquapac is supposed to be able to do:

  • Guaranteed 100% waterproof to 15 feet.
  • Salt-water and UV resistant.
  • Protects iPhone from sand, dust and dirt.
  • Can make phone calls through Aquapac (sound quality is slightly reduced).
  • Aquapac will float with iPhone in it.

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The sealing system on the Aquapac is a patented design that has been used since 1996, so it has been well tested. It also meets with the international waterproofing standards set by the British Standards Institution. Being around so long, I knew that this product had been well tested and probably gone through a few adaptations.

Also, the Aquapac is large enough to be used with other items besides your iPhone, such as; other phones, cameras, your wallet, even small video cameras.


So we put the Aquapac to the test. We doused it, drowned it, took pictures underwater with it and tried to make a regular phone call, all to see if the Aquapac is able to really protect our precious iPhones.

I was worried that the iPhone would not be touch sensitive with the Aquapac on but I was able to turn the iPhone on and do all other regular functions. I even placed a call on the Aquapac to see if I would still be able to hear the person I was calling. I was happily surprised that not only could I hear the other person but that the person I was calling could not tell that there was a Aquapac over the iPhone.

Aquapac iPhone on

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For the water test, I was a bit tentative to try it out first on my precious iPhone, so I used my husband's old Treo (Sorry TreoCentral!). It protected the Treo perfectly, so I took a deep breath and tried it out with my iPhone.

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What is really important to remember is that the clamp itself usually retains some water around or near it. So when you open the case it is really important that you shake or wipe off any excess water and then open the case with the clamp facing down. When I open the case I first clean off the outside of the case and my hands, if wet. Then I clean the clamp facing down and then slide out the iPhone.


I feel that this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves their iPhone and iPod -- and takes in anywhere near water. If you ever go to the pool, beach, hike, have children, go to water or amusement parks, then I would recommend the Aquapac. If you have children, then I would recommend the Aquapac. It lived up to all of its hype and more so. I just don't know how I made do with ziplock bags before it (yes I know I am a bit dorky, watch the video for yet more proof!)

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  • hmm it includes a stylus holder.. interesting... since iphones use them
  • Pretty brave holding the iPhone over the bath as you took it out of the Aquapac... ;-)
  • @ciocpa Yeah it could have been a whole new type of article had it slipped.
  • I'll bet you could take a picture by doing the two-button screen capture in the Camera app while underwater. I'm not sure it would be in focus though.
  • I think I would prefer the Aquapac Mini since it is more form fitting. Perfect for the beach though and the ultimate way to read a book/browse the web in the bath!
  • I got my wife a nice new iPhone 3GS in November. She has already dropped it in the sink once and into a Crock Pot another time. For a few minutes there, I was beginning to think that I needed a new wife because this one was going to drive me insane. :/ I got her the OtterBox Defender and it's been safe so far. We refer to it as the "Case of Shame" - but this thing is even uglier and more obnoxious.
  • If this device also allowed you to listen to headphones, I'd be impressed. That's how I typically use my iPhone when I'm near water...listening to music.
  • You can hear music through the pack but there is no way to attach a jack though the case.
    That would be interesting if it could tho =)
  • Beats a zip lock. Worth the price if you ever lost iPhone to water in past
  • When it's rainy, I just put my iPhone in a ziploc bag. I've been on a phone call while the rain poured down on me and the person on the other end had no idea it was either raining or that I was talking to them through a ziploc. Box of hundreds of Ziploc bags = couple bucks. This thing with it's risky opening that retains water costs 25? People sure do love to waste money.
  • Its just a big ziplock
  • I thought it was a Colostomy bag.
  • @Gregg- damn I was thinking the exact same thing.
  • Nice, now I, Aquaman, can finally get an iPhone.
  • I'm not much of a swimmer but at least if I were drowning I'd be able to check my e-mail on the way down.
  • @BoGuS Bah that would have been a great screenshot !
  • Good Review. We were on vacation a few weeks ago and another vacationer's kid kept begging her Dad to please, please take her picture in the pool ... He did not have a waterproof case and wouldn't get within 5 feet of the pool. If he had the iPhone waterproof case he could have even taken pictures under water. The case in this review is the PDA version, but if you chose the AQP-104 it has a clear lensflex photo window for photo and video.
    Full Disclosure: I am a retailer for this brand, but just had to share this observation.