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How to view the weather in Maps

If you’re cruising along the highway on a road trip with pals, and you want to take a peek at the weather without switching apps, follow along, and we’ll show you how!

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Best weather apps for iPhone

There are hundreds of weather apps in the App Store. Which one is right for you?

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Weather app: The ultimate guide

How do you check the temperature and precipitation for the day and the week, where you are and around the world? With the Weather app for iPhone!

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How to check the Weather with Siri

Need to check the weather in a hurry? Just ask Siri!

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How to check the weather on your Apple Watch

If you want to keep informed about the weather, there's no better place than on your wrist.

Like time, weather is something that a lot of people want to stay updated on as often as possible. Having it on your Apple Watch means quick information about temperature, precipitation, and even sunrise/sunset can be just a turn of the wrist away. What's more, thanks to Siri and the built-in Weather app, you can get more detailed information about any city in the world, and any day in the next week, with just a word or a few taps. Here's how!

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How to set the default weather, stock, and world clock for your Apple Watch

Can't find how to set your default weather, stock, or world clock on Apple Watch? Here's how!

The Apple Watch can show a lot of really nifty pieces of information on its clock face, which is great for seeing important data at a glance. But when it comes to setting your weather, stock, and default world clock to show on the watch face, it can be hard to figure out how — and where — to do it. Here's the easiest way to make sure the data you want is showing up on your Apple Watch.

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How to use Weather for iPhone: The ultimate guide

The Weather app for iPhone is elegant but bare-bones. There are subtle, beautiful animations but nothing like radar maps to keep the really weather geeks happy. Still, you can check the temperature in celsius or fahrenheit, see hourly forecasts for the current day and daily forecasts for the next five days. You can also get humidity, chance of precipitation, and wind data for your current location or any major location, anywhere in the world. You can even access an overview in Notification Center or use Siri to access any and all of it. Also, if you have an iPad, there's no reason to feel left out — the App Store has you covered with plenty of great App Store alternatives. So, here's everything you need to know!

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How to get humidity, chance of rain, wind, and more info from Weather for iPhone

The Weather app for iPhone provides easy to see temperature and precipitation information for one or more locations, all at a glance. But what about humidity level? Chance of rain? Wind direction and speed? And what the temperature actually feels like when you go out? Luckily, Apple's built-in Weather app provides all of that information as well. It's hidden behind a gesture, but once you know it, you can get to all of it with just a simple tap.

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How to switch between celsius and fahrenheit in Weather for iPhone

The Weather App for iPhone can show you temperatures on the celsius scale used by most countries in the world. For those in the Bahamas, Belize, the Cayman Islands, and the United States, however, Weather can also show you temperatures on the fahrenheit scale. While you can't set each location independently, you can quickly and easily toggle between celsius and fahrenheit, and back again, for all locations.

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How to use Weather on iPhone

The Weather app for iPhone can show you a list of cities along with local times and temperatures. That makes it incredibly easy to glance at wide range of information. In addition to the weather for your current location, you can also add additional locations based on city name, area or zip code, or airport code. You can arrange all the cities in just exactly the order you want, and you can even remove ones you no longer want.

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