So few of us have physical music files on our phones anymore — it's all from streaming services, like Spotify. The thing is, we all like to have music with us while we're working out, hiking, on a plane, wherever. Streaming audio doesn't always afford us that luxury, since we need an internet connection that isn't always available, and we could save our playlists to our phones, but it doesn't always make sense to have our big phones with us.

Take Spotify with you everywhere, sans phone, for $77 Learn more

We need a more mobile solution that lets us leave our phones behind sometimes. Sometimes it's best to just enjoy our music without the interruption of notifications and alarms. Better yet, we need something that can grab all our music wirelessly so that we can just get up and go without having to plug into anything.

Mighty is the first on-the-go Spotify music player, and with a 1,000-song + capacity, it can take your Spotify playlists offline so that you can enjoy them no matter where you are. It can be yours for $77.40 when you use code MIGHTY10 at check out.

I know what you're thinking — isn't this just an iPod Shuffle? Kinda. But Mighty can download your Spotify music via Wi-Fi, so that you never have to plug in and sync with whichever music program you use. You can also use Mighty with your favorite pair of Bluetooth headphones so that you can feel even more free to enjoy your tunes, no matter the situation.

Mighty features 5 hours of battery life and is resistant to water and drops, so you can feel free to take it on the trail or into the gym without worrying about it getting totaled on your first outing. Comes in black, white, or orange.Check it out at iMore Digital Offers and be sure to use code MIGHTY10 at checkout to save 10%..

Take Spotify with you everywhere, sans phone, for $77 Learn more