We need your comments... Leave a bunch on this article for your chance to win the device of your dreams!!

We need your comments... Leave a bunch on this article for your chance to win the device of your dreams!!

One of the most exciting parts of Talk Mobile 2013 is that, for the first time, we have the ability to unite all of our communities in the discussion with our specialized cross-site commenting system. The article you're reading right now is the first time we are putting it to use!

That's right, the article you are reading right now is simultaneously appearing across Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and Windows Phone Central!

Comments you leave on one site will also appear on all of the other sites. It really is the larger Mobile Nations community together in conversation. We won't use it for all posts, of course, only when we have something big that truly goes across all of our communities… like Talk Mobile!

It's also just the beginning. We have some cool new features ready to go, but we'll have more coming your way soon -- yes, including up-voting! Right now, for example, with the new system we can actually tie multiple question/comment threads to one article. Now, here's the important part!

Help Us Test And You Can Win a Free Phone of Your Choice! We've done a lot of testing on our dev servers of the new system, but nothing compares to going live and trying to crush it under load. So that's what were doing now and we need your help!

Leave a comment. Hell, leave up to 10 comments. Some new, some replies. Some replies to replies. Leave a comment on each question. Test from your computer. Test from your phone. If you find a bug, leave another comment letting us know what you discovered. You get it! And to thank you, we'll pick one of you at random and give you $600 to put towards the Android phone or tablet, BlackBerry 10 device, iPhone or iPad, or Windows Phone or tablet of your dreams! Seriously, anything you want, even an Xbox or PS3. We don't judge!

Note: This being a brand new system, it doesn't currently work in our existing BB10, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps. So if you're on mobile, you'll have to stick to the web browser for now.

All the usual contest rules apply (except for the 10 comment max for this one!) so what are you waiting for? Hit the comments below and enter now for your chance to win the phone or tablet of your dreams!

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