Three UK experiencing widespread data outage, some areas now returning to normal

Three UK is this morning in the midst of a widespread data outage on its 3G network that has affected many of us here at Mobile Nations. While in some areas the connections are starting to return, Three hopes to have the whole network back up and running this afternoon.

The outage is pretty widespread, and those affected by it are unable to connect to the data network at all. Calls and SMS messaging are unaffected it seems, so we can at least contact people the old fashioned way. We're already seeing data return in London and in Manchester, and no doubts other areas in the UK will be coming back online too.

If you've been affected by this, shout out in the comments and let us know where you are and what your current status is. I'm in Lincoln, and still to see my data return.

via Android Central

Richard Devine

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