Three UK launches new pay-as-you-go price plans, makes things simpler for customers

Three UK has pulled the wraps off a new pricing structure for their pay-as-you-go price plans that they're claiming makes everything simpler. The "3-2-1" plan replaces the current pricing from today, and no longer requires customers to convert their credit into add-ons for things such as extra SMS messages or mobile data.

Now, a call will cost 3p per minute, an SMS message will cost 2p and mobile data will be charged at 1p per MB. Heavy mobile users on Three are likely on one of the carriers extremely competitive monthly contracts, but it's a refreshing move to see pay-as-you-go customers now just pay for what they use. Kind of like the old days. All existing customers will be automatically transferred onto the new pricing structure as of today, and this could be a great option for the younger ones among us. Any Three customers out there happy for this?

Source: Three via CrackBerry

Richard Devine

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