Grab the Amazon Echo Dot and a TP-Link Smart Plug for only $35

Amazon is offering an Echo Dot and TP-Link Smart plug for $35 total. All you have to do is add each one to your cart individually and you'll see $24.97 taken out of the cart automatically during checkout. This is the same deal Amazon ran during Cyber Monday only the bundle itself isn't discounted this time.

TP-Link's smart plug allows you to control your appliances from anywhere in the world. You can even voice control your appliances with it by pairing it to your Echo device. The TP-Link can also be controlled from an app on your phone, so you can schedule the lights to turn on or off from anywhere.

Amazon has been working to make Alexa smarter each week by adding new features, skills, and functionality to it. From being able to control smart home accessories to being able to answer your questions, complete your searches, set reminders, and even make calls for you, these things do a whole lot for how little they cost.

Alex Smith

Alex is a recent graduate from the University of North Florida with a background in sales and merchandising. When he’s not hunting down the next great deals to post on Thrifter, he can be found posting music on his Soundcloud page and working on his eBay business.