Drive off with two magnetic phone mounts for your vehicle on sale under $5

Planning a road trip this summer? One essential product you might not think to bring along is a phone mount for your vehicle. It makes navigation so much simpler and helps ensure you don't get pulled over by the police if you're in an area which bans cellphone use in the car. They're extremely affordable too; right now you can even save on this two-pack of Mpow magnetic phone mounts and grab it for only $4.79. You should see the discount applied at checkout. That's less than $2.50 apiece, and while the deal may just save you around $3 off the average price, the real savings come once you get on the road.

These universal magnetic mounts feature a sturdy rubber base and four integrated magnets to keep your phone secure while traveling. They each clip onto your air vent easily and utilize a metal plate that you adhere to the back of your device to make sure it stays attached to the magnetic mount. You could slip that between your phone and its case as well. The mounts also feature an image of the United States flag on the front, though you wouldn't be able to see the image once your phone is secured there.

Alex Smith

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