Avoid a ticket with these magnetic phone mounts for your vehicle now down to $5 each

As more and more states adopt cellphone bans for drivers, it becomes even more necessary to have a phone mount in your vehicle if you ever have your device anywhere other than in your pocket while driving. It doesn't cost much to grab one either; they're generally affordable and if you can snag one on sale, like this Magnetic Car Phone Mount at Amazon, you could drive off with one for just a few bucks. That model at Amazon normally sells for around $16 on average, though with today's sale you could grab one for only $5.40. You'll see the discount applied at checkout.

As you'll see at Amazon, there are two variants of this mount so you'll want to make sure you choose the right one for your vehicle. Both drop to the same low price, though one model clips to your air vent while the other adheres to your dashboard. Both utilize strong magnets to provide a slim look while keeping your phone steady along the ride, and they also allow you to rotate your device 360 degrees. An 18-month warranty is included with purchase of either one as well.

Another essential pickup for your vehicle is a car charger. If you're planning on heading out on a road trip this summer, keeping your navigation app open can drain your battery quickly, which is why having one in your glovebox is always a smart idea.

Alex Smith

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