Tim Millet, Apple's VP of Platform Architecture, talks A14 in new interview

Tim Millet
Tim Millet (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple's Tim Millet sat down for an interview to talk A14.
  • The Vice President of Platform Architecture believes that machine learning will continue to grow faster.
  • He also stressed how Apple builds chips for developers, not for the sake of building faster chips.

Tim Millet, Apple's Vice President of Platform Architecture, helped unveil the new A14 chip at the company's "Time Flies" event back in September, where Tim Cook and team announced the new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, 8th generation iPad, and new iPad Air.

Now, the executive has sat down with Stern to talk more about the new A14 processor and what it means for the future of Apple computing. Millet says that, with the A14, machine learning will bring about a new advent of computing.

"We are enthusiastic about the advent of machine learning and how it makes a completely new class possible," says Millet in an exclusive conversation with the star. "It takes my breath away when I see what people can do with the A14 Bionic chip."

Millet says that Apple sees itself with a "really strong roadmap" for its processors, saying that the chip team is "far from finished" in taking things to the edge of where they can go.

3-nanometer chips are expected for 2022, after which the air becomes thin. Whether small quantum computers will be in our pockets and on our wrists in ten years will become clear. Millet, however, promises a "really strong roadmap": "We work closely with our technology partners around the world to ensure that we are on the right track. We will develop intensively and are far from finished."

The executive explains that developers are always in mind, even with the chip team, to ensure that what they build will be useful to everyone.

And here no corporation is as well positioned as Apple, Millet is convinced. "Throughout the development, we work very closely with our software team to ensure that we do not just build a piece of technology that is useful for a few. We wanted to make sure that thousands upon thousands of iOS developers could do something with it."

The new iPad Air will be the first to feature Apple's A14 chip, which is also expected to power its iPhone 12 lineup. While an exact release date is still unknown, Apple has promised that its latest iPad will get into customers' hands in October. The release appears to be imminent, as stores are already getting marketing material for the new tablet.

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