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Instacast - @reneritchie

I'm always looking for a better way to get the podcasts I want onto my iPhone. I've given up on the iPod app and iTunes because I don't want to have to sync. I used to just stream from iTunes over 3G but there's no way to subscribe and searching to see if a new episode has been posted is a pain in the apps. I've tried Podcaster and now I'm trying Instacast. So far it's fairly similar, slightly different strengths and weaknesses but overall I like it. I especially like one feature:

I can get a list of All Episodes, sorted by release date. That means I don't have to go hunting to see what's been updated and when and think about whether I've listened to it or not. I just see what's new in the order of its newness, and since I know what I just listened to, it's easy to find something around it to listen to next.

For commutes or long trips, that's all I want.

[$1.99 - iTunes link]

Eye TV – @chrisoldroyd

Eye TV by Elgato, is an app that requires specific hardware for it to be of any use. I have just bought an Elgato Eye TV Netstream Sat which is a small satellite receiver that plugs into a dish and then your home network. It receives all the free to air satellite television channels and converts them into a stream.

The Eye TV app for iPhone and iPad is a universal binary; so works perfectly on both platforms. Once loaded you are presented with a list of available TV channels. It also tells you what is on now and what is on next. Clicking one of the channels starts the stream and within a couple of seconds you are enjoying your TV show.

What is so special about the app is the quality of the video stream. It is beautiful, crisp, smooth and perfect to enjoy TV on your iOS device. Having previously owned a SlingBox Solo; which I though delivered awful quality TV streams; this app delivers the TV experience as it should be, perfect!

You can use this app with many of Elgato’s other TV products, however if it is not a Netstream product, you will have to have your Mac on all the time you watch TV.

[$4.99 – iTunes Link]

WorldMate Gold - @Alli_Flowers

I've been using WorldMate since my Palm os days. Although its primary purpose is as a travel aid, I use it all the time for many purposes.

Just the other day I was standing in the library at school when a student came in with a five dollar bill - in Chilean currency. He wanted to know how much it was worth, so I looked it up in WorldMate's currency converter, and was quickly able to tell him it was worth a penny. (Yes, he was very disappointed.)

WorldMate gives you the weather at home, as well as the weather in your destination city (or whatever city you want to view for any reason). It even gives you a pretty weather graphic on its home screen.

Forward WorldMate your reservation confirmation from an airline or hotel, and the information is immediately entered into WorldMate on your iPhone. My favorite part is that WorldMate tells you what gate you will pull into, and from which gate you will depart. No searching for gate agents or screens.

Book a hotel or limo from within the app, check weather, convert currency, calculate a tip, find alternate flights, book a flight, check flight status, and so much more. If you travel a lot, or even once in a while, WorldMate is a valuable tool.

[$3.99 - iTunes link]

Atari - @GeorgiaTiPb

Some of you might be into Xbox but I've always been more Atari, and the way I'm playing this new iPad version of all the classic games really isn't fair. Now I can drive around town with 100 games that I love and i'm like... well, you get the idea.

The app itself is free but you can buy different packs of games, grouped around hits like Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, etc. for $0.99 or just do what I did the instant I launched it -- buy them all for $14.99.

Adventure is my fav, what's yours?

[Free, with in-app purchases - iTunes link]

QuickTumblr for iPad - @andrewwray

QuickTumblr is an iPad app that makes it easy post to Tumblr, the fast-growing blogging and social network community that has caught the internet by storm. QuickTumblr isn't a full-blown Tumblr client like the official iPhone App, but has a number of integrated features that the official app is still lacking. With QuickTumblr you can write posts in HTML or Markdown code and even use snippets from TextExpander, making the writing process more efficient and uncluttered. You can even send your markdown code, HTML or other files straight to QuickTumblr from your favorite apps with iOS file sharing built in!

The app offers additional features to streamline your posts with formatting options for making your articles rich and content-heavy, pulling from the photo-picker built into iOS for pictures and video. In addition, the app can access scheduling features in Tumblr for future posts and includes a nice group publishing option for posting to multiple accounts. It's a great value if you're looking for a good iPad Tumblr app -- give it a try!

[$2.99 - iTunes Link]

Mail Enhancer (jailbreak tweak) - @iMuggle

E-mail pretty much rules my life. I send and receive tons of e-mails on a daily basis. I heavily depend upon it for not only TiPb, but to run my business and communicate with clients. While the iPhone has a beautiful e-mail application, it isn't very customizable.

Mail Enhancer has made my life a lot simpler. It allows you to set custom e-mail tones for different accounts, adds push notifications, custom signatures for individual accounts, and much more. Heck, if you want it to, it will also read e-mail notifications to you. It's an amazing little tweak and something I recommend any jailbreaker with multiple e-mail accounts to check out.

[$2.99 via Cydia]

Tweetbot - @llofte

Tweetbot is by far the best Twitter client I have ever used. The animations and sounds that are associated with every tap really enhance the experience. Even though I wish for native push notifications and in-line photo previews, Tweetbot is my new favorite Twitter client and I can't wait to see what Tapbots brings in future updates. For more info check out my (/tweetbot-iphone-app-review).

[$1.99 - iTunes link]

Camera+ @elfminion

Camera+ app will let you take, edit, share, and save photos all in one simple to use application. Multiple Points of focus allows you to focus on an object to get the clarity you desire while at the same time adjusting the light in the picture to snap the perfect photo that you want. The stabilizer option gives you all the power you need to take pictures without having to worry about holding perfectly still to snap that perfect photo. The timer on this is nice. If you have your iPhone mounted on a tripod or some other device, the time gives you the option to set a countdown to get the ground or picture you desire perfect every time!

Another cool thing about this application is it not only takes awesome photos in almost any way you would like, but it also lets you edit and share photos right from the application! After you have snapped the perfect photo, you have the option to now share it on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Email right from the application.

All around this was a great app, it was definitely worth the purchase! I will be choosing this app for all of my Photo shooting I do from my iPhone.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

Zite - @ryguylawson (Reader's Choice)

I found this App this week after a story on our local news. It's called Zite and it's free on the App Store. It's back end was developed by a local Vancouver software company. It's a great iPad app, designed to be a personalized magazine. It's somewhat like Instapaper, except that it uses a magazine format versus a newspaper format. You can customize your content and have as much or as little to read through as you want. It can also link to your Twitter account and learn the topics that are of interest to you so it can customize your content automatically.

I love using my iPad for news and magazines and for the last few days this app has been awesome! For some background, I am the manager of the 911 centre for the region, and time is very very precious for me. My iPad is by my side all day, and when I get a few spare minutes to catch up on what is happening in the world, or in cyberspace, I go to my news and information apps. Zite gives me a pleasurable UI and great content (that I have self-selected and that it has learned I would likely want to see.)

[Free - iTunes link]

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