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Especially with school starting back tomorrow, I figured it would be smart to get it in early. Now put it somewhere safe!!!

Google+ - @Alli_Flowers

I jumped on the Google+ bandwagon early. I never liked Facebook, and I was tiring of Twitter. If you haven't already tried Google+, there's a great forum thread where you can get an invite, if you can't already get yourself in there.

The app works a lot like the web client, only it provides notifications. So the real question is - why do I like Google+. And the answer is simple: it's like having any of your other social networks mixed with a forum, and real time updates. Take away the games from Facebook, take away the spam from Twitter - that's Google+.

Now that you have a working iOS app for Google+, there's really no reason NOT to try it. Right?!

[Free - App Store link]

Screens - @sethclifford

I'm away at the beach this week, so I thought it only right that my pick be something super-useful when you're away from home. Screens is a VNC client for iOS that works as a universal app on all your devices. What sets it apart from the many other apps that do the same thing in the App Store is that it was designed from the ground up with touch devices in mind. Where other VNC clients try to emulate your desktop exactly as a traditional client would, Screens makes excellent use of multi-touch gestures and different touch patterns to provide a really seamless remote experience.

The other feature I really like is the super easy and fast setup for connection using Screens Connect, a server assistant app you download and run from the computer you wish to control. In doing this, you're able to assign the computer a dedicated name instead of having to remember a long IP address (which may be changed without you realizing it by your ISP) and you also gain some more specific controls that make the app even more useful. Since I stream all my media now, it's invaluable for monitoring those server apps that sit on my Mac mini, and I can restart or tweak them if need be, from wherever I am.

It's a bit on the pricey side, if you're one of those people who balk at anything over $.99, but if you're a fan of solid, functional software that makes your life easier (as I am), it's worth a look.

[$19.99 - App Store link]

LiveScore – @chrisoldroyd

LiveScore is a fantastic free app that provides real time scores from many sporting events around the world; with a particular emphasis on soccer scores. As the English Premier League Football Season starts again this Saturday. The timing of this weeks pick of the week is perfect!

Every match in the UK league is covered along with most other countries. With this app you will know about goals, yellow cards, red cards, substitutions, you name it, seconds after they happen.

There are no push notifications, which is a shame however the app does auto-refresh when open. The application comes directly from LiveScore Ltd., the inventors of real-time delivery of live sport data and owners of the no.1 ranked football / soccer web site globally. No country restrictions either! Fast access and my app of choice for keeping in touch with the games that matter to me. Come on Newcastle United!

[Free - App Store link]

RedLaser - @iMuggle

QR codes are extremely convenient for many business owners, especially small businesses. We just started utilizing it for our business as well as some of our local organizations we are a part of in our community. There are several apps available for all platforms. For iOS, my favorite is RedLaser. It's simple to use and best of all, it's free. Simply open the app, tap the lightning bolt at the bottom to scan a code, and place the code between the lines.

Not only does it read them, it'll save all QR codes you scan. This is convenient for when you want to go back and view information from a code you previously scanned.

So if you live in an area where QR codes are starting to crop up, give RedLaser a spin and start scanning!

[Free - App Store Link]

Tiny Tower - @skeetobite

My pick of the week is Tiny Tower. This is one of those free games, where you spend time trying to build/earn/make something. In this case, you are building a tower, and trying to populate it with a series of stores, entertainment, services, and restaurants. All this is done to make your "bitizens" happy. As with all these games, if you get tired of waiting you can buy some additional "Tower Bux" to help speed the process along, but that isn't much fun! Right now my tower is 34 floors tall, and slowly building up. The nice thing here is that you can check back periodically and just make sure things are progressing smoothly in your tower. It does require some attention (for example, moving bitizens in the apartments must be done manually) but it doesn't take a huge amount of time.

[Free - App Store link]

Screens for Mac - @reneritchie

I've been using Edovia's excellent Screens for iPhone and iPad since it was in beta and still find it to be the best looking, best feeling VNC client for iOS in the App Store. So when developer Luc Vandal told me they were doing Screens for Mac, I was thrilled.

I'd been using a combination of Back to my Mac for OS X and Microsoft's Remote Desktop for Windows, but Screens puts everything -- including Linux -- in one beautifully styled, well thought out, buttery smooth place. And for OS X Lion users, you get full screen mode and a ton of multi-touch gesture support.

It works so well, in fact, a couple times I've sat down on my laptop and worked for a few minutes before realizing I was actually using my desktop via Screens. No better praise than that.

If you want the same great Screens experience from iOS on OS X, go grab Screens now.

[$19.99 - Mac App Store link]

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