Tips and tricks for finding every Boo in Luigi's Mansion 3

King Boo
King Boo (Image credit: iMore)

The Last Resort, where Luigi and his friends are invited to spend a "relaxing" weekend, is stuffed full of ghosts. But none are so elusive and frustrating to catch than the Boos, smaller minions of King Boo himself. The Boos have hidden themselves all across the hotel, one on each floor, and they'll keep moving around until Luigi sucks them up in the Poltergust.

Given the fickleness of the Boos, here's a handy set of tricks you can use to make sure those Boos never see the light outside of a vacuum cleaner again.

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E. Gadd explains the Boos

E. Gadd explains the Boos (Image credit: iMore)

Is there a specific location where I can find each Boo?

No, unfortunately, we can't just tell you exactly where to look to find the Boos. The Boos will move around, and will be randomized in places on their floor, with lots of different options on each floor. That's what makes them both tricky and fun to capture -- there's no single solution to skip the hunt.

When do Boos become available?

You can start by finding a Boo on a floor of the hotel after you've beaten a floor's boss and obtained its elevator button. Leave the floor, and when you return, a Boo will be hiding somewhere. If one still doesn't show up, try heading to the next floor and progressing just a bit, then returning.

There is only one Boo per floor, so once you've captured one on a floor, it's done.

A Boo appears

A Boo appears (Image credit: iMore)

Where can Boos appear?

Boos will hide somewhere on a floor, and they can be just about anywhere. They can be in containers you examine with the X button, inside obstacles you open with the plunger, or behind piles you can vacuum up. If you find a Boo, it will come out to fight you. But if you guess incorrectly while near a Boo, it will pop out and run away to a new location. So, you want to make sure you get it right the first time.

Use your cues

So how do you find a Boo, then? Several cues will tell you when you're near one. If you're getting close to a Boo, the Poltergust will start to shake, causing the controllers to vibrate and a vibrating, glowing visual to appear on the tank of goo that houses Gooigi. These will get more intense the closer you get, so keep an eye on them.

Additionally, on bigger floors with multiple rooms, the music will change to something more ominous when you're in a room with a Boo, so listen closely. This can also help if the Boo escapes, as the music will change back if it exits the room entirely.

Luigi searches the hotel

Luigi searches the hotel (Image credit: iMore)

Don't just randomly guess

There's a penalty for guessing incorrectly: the Boo will move. If you're in the room or vicinity of a hidden Boo and start barking up the wrong tree, the Boo will pop out to taunt you and then disappear again to a new location. This can make Boo hunting very tedious, so you don't want to guess randomly.

Instead, use the controller vibration and Gooigi movement to detect the Boo. If you know you're in a Boo room, try standing next to every possible hiding place in the room to see if the vibration grows more intense before opening any boxes.

Use the map

Another important consideration when going after Boos is that the vibration will track distance from the Boo, even if the rooms aren't attached. So with floors that have a lot of interconnected and overlapping rooms, you may be struggling to find the right room despite being close. Use the map to see if there are any geographically close rooms you haven't explored yet, then get hunting.

Defeating a Boo

Once the Boo is out, you have to beat it, and it's not immediately obvious how to do it. You want to wait for a pause or a break in its attacks, then shine your blacklight on the Boo until it solidifies and lets you grab its tongue with the Poltergust. From there, you fight it as you would a normal ghost, though you'll need to slam it around for two full rounds before it gives up the ghost.

Every Boo you can catch in Luigi's Mansion 3

Here is a list of every Boo in Luigi's Mansion 3:

  • B2 - Boilerworks: ComBooster
  • B1 - Basement: Boosement
  • 1F - Lobby: Gumboo
  • 2F - Mezzanine: Luigi
  • 3F - Hotel Shops: Kung Boo
  • 4F - The Great Stage: Boogie
  • 5F - RIP Suites: Boolldog
  • 6F - Castle MacFrights: Boo-at-Arms
  • 7F - Garden Suites: Bootanist
  • 8F - Paranormal Productions: Booducer
  • 9F - Unnatural History Museum: Boones
  • 10F - Tomb Suites: AnuBoo
  • 11F - Twisted SUites: Boofuddler
  • 12F - The Spectral Catch: Booccaneer
  • 13F - Fitness Center: Boodybuilder
  • 14F - Dance Hall: Boosician

There is no Boo to find on the 15th floor, as King Boo rules that area.

The Special Items menu in Luigi's Mansion 3

The Special Items menu in Luigi's Mansion 3 (Image credit: iMore)

What do you get for capturing every Boo?

There's not an especially great reward for catching every Boo. You do get an achievement in the game, as well as the open for a cosmetic change to Luigi's flashlight. You can access it through the "Special Items" menu in the Gallary at E. Gadd's lab.

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