Travel Vlog from iPhone in 4kSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Travel videographer Harshit Vora to an iPhone 11 Pro Max to Egypt.
  • There, he filmed everything from pyramids to some amazing indoor locations.
  • The result is breathtaking.

Apple likes to make a big fuss about videography and photography whenever a new iPhone is announced. It was the same with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro last September and sure, they make some impressive photos and videos. But it's only when you give a phone to someone who knows what they're doing that you really see that power unleashed.

That's what happened when travel videographer Harshit Vora took an iPhone 11 Pro Max to Egypt, as spotted by Cult of Mac. He filmed his travels using the iPhone – in 4K, no less – and there's no denying that the resulting video is breathtaking. I've never been to Egypt, but this video makes me want to rectify that pretty quickly.

Vora doesn't say what was done to the video once his iPhone had captured it, but it's difficult to believe this is untouched. He does go into his travel itinerary in the YouTube video's description, though. So if you want to check out anything you see in the video you'll know where to go!