TripIt releases Mac app following macOS Catalina launch

(Image credit: TripIt)

What you need to know

  • TripIt on Monday released a new app for Mac.
  • The app provides users with itinerary updates and access to neighborhood safety scores.
  • The app's arrival comes on the heels of macOS Catalina's launch.

Following the release of macOS Catalina, TripIt on Monday launched a new app for Mac. The app promises to provide TripIt users with the same experience they've come to expect from their mobile offerings.

Here's what Jen Moyse, director of product for TripIt from Concur, said about TripIt's new Mac app.

TripIt engineers were able to use our iPad app as a starting point to build our native Mac app, so we were able to focus our development efforts on optimizing for a native Mac experience. For example, we spent a ton of time thinking through what UI opportunities came with a desktop app – things like greater screen real estate, a menu bar, and desktop-specific interactions. We know that these things mean a lot to frequent travelers, who spend a good amount of time toggling between their phones and desktops – and need to be able to access all their travel plans, even when they are offline.

The whole draw here is TripIt's new app for Mac provides users with access to all their travel details. You'll be able to manage your itinerary with offline access, neighborhood safety score, and more.

Here are the big features in TripIt for Mac:

A menu bar that makes adding travel plans a breeze, and the availability of more screen real estate and a full keyboard for fine-tuning itineraries.Notifications on your desktop so you never miss a beat.Plane-friendly features, such as offline access to your travel plans and Dark Mode.An enriched pre-trip experience, with access to neighborhood safety scores and links to Maps to help you explore the areas you'll be visiting.

In addition to releasing TripIt for Mac, the company also announced support for Dark Mode in iOS 13, as well as improvements to its neighborhood safety scores. Now, users will be able to see day and night safety ratings for neighborhoods they're visiting.

TripIt for Mac is available now as a free download.

Brandon Russell