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Using a VPN will reportedly bypass Verizon's video throttling

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Verizon banner (Image credit: iMore)

Verizon recently announced it would begin throttling video streams for customers on its unlimited plans. When Verizon's network detects a stream is coming from a video streaming service such as YouTube or Netflix, the download speeds to the device will be throttled to 10Mbps, forcing the video stream down to a resolution of 480p or 720p, depending on the plan.

There may be a remedy for this though. According to 9to5Mac, VPN users will be able to get around Verizon-imposed limits, as per NordVPN, a popular provider. Because of the way a VPN routes traffic, Verizon's network is unable to detect whether a packet is coming from a video streaming site, and therefore unable to throttle the resulting video stream. Verizon (or other networks) would be able to counter this, but that would involve throttling all traffic delivered over a VPN.

There are numerous VPN providers for Android, iOS and Windows. Besides just getting around consumer-hostile decisions, a VPN is also the best way to make sure your information stays secure when traveling over a carrier network.

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  • I think you just wanted a VPN ad disguised as a story. "NordVPN *CLAIMS* using a VPN will bypass Verizon's harsh video throttling."? No, this is fact. It will bypass the throttle by definition since Verizon or anyone can't see what's in the traffic apart from you and the VPN provider. If Verizon throttles VPN's then you'll notice. But they can't be the "business" carrier and throttle VPN's.