VAVA Smart Thermometer review: Temperature results read a bit cool

Vava Smart Thermometer
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Bottom line: The VAVA Smart Thermometer is a wearable thermometer designed to continuously monitor baby's temperature as well as take the ambient temperature. It features a sleek design, packaging, and fever and fall alarms. On the downside, this monitor tends to read on the cooler side, it's not designed for super mobile babies, it's pricey, and only works best when fully charged.


  • +

    Sleek design + packaging

  • +

    Fever + fall alarms

  • +

    Easy to read LED-backlit display

  • +

    Soft, silicone thermometer

  • +

    Pairs easily


  • -

    Reads on the cool side

  • -

    Not good for mobile babies

  • -

    Doesn't work well unless fully charged

  • -


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The world of smart thermometers and the constant need for temperature monitoring has exploded since COVID-19 hit. If you didn't already have a thermometer, the chances are high that you've got one now. When it comes to brand new babies, taking and monitoring their temperatures is an absolute must for parents. As a mom myself, I know exactly what it feels like to constantly obsess and worry about baby if they have even the slightest hint of fever. It's particularly hard if you're trying to monitor baby's temperature while they're sleeping when the last thing you want to do is wake them up.

I tried the VAVA Smart Thermometer, which is soft silicone, wearable monitor designed to continuously monitor baby's temperature while they sleep. I'd recommend this thermometer to families with young infants that aren't mobile yet, or families that are interested in keeping tabs on the ambient temperature of baby's nursery.

VAVA Smart Thermometer: What I like

Vava Smart Thermometer

Vava Smart Thermometer (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

The VAVA Smart Thermometer arrived quickly and came in super sleek packaging reminiscent of Apple products.

The white monitor and charging case's aesthetic is very sleek, and it comes with 10 medical-grade adhesive patches designed to affix the monitor to your baby. In other words, this monitor looks really good. It's simple to use and can take body temperature as well as ambient temperature.

To use this device, you need to fully charge it first. Mine came with two bars of charge, but it definitely operates best on a complete charge. This process takes about three hours in total. After you've fully charged the case, slide it open to remove the thermometer. The LED screen will display a heart when it's paired with the thermometer, which has happened immediately every time I've used it. I've had no pairing issues whatsoever.

Vava Smart Thermometer

Vava Smart Thermometer (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

Once you see that the thermometer is paired with the charging case, attach the thermometer to one of the included adhesive patches and affix it under your child's arm in the armpit. From there, the little heart on the LED display will continuously flash as it's reading your child's temperature. When the heart stops flashing, that means the reading is complete, and you can see your child's real-time temperature on the display. There's a little house displayed when it's taking the ambient temperature, which is a cool feature. The LED-backlit display is easy to read and showcases the thermometer's battery level, the charging case's battery level, and either body or ambient temperature, depending on what you're reading at the time. It can read in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

I love that the VAVA Smart Thermometer has fever and fall alarms.

I've tested the fever and fall alarms deliberately to make sure that they work. It will beep and flash red when it detects temperatures 100 degrees Fahrenheit and up, and it beeps and displays FALL if the monitor has fallen off of your child. The thermometer itself is made of soft silicone and is very comfortable to wear. I can say this with confidence as I've tested and worn it myself, as has my husband, as has my daughter. Comfort is key with a product that's designed to be worn while your baby is sleeping.

VAVA Smart Thermometer: What I don't like

Vava Smart Thermometer

Vava Smart Thermometer (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

The VAVA Smart Thermometer consistently reads on the cool side, especially if it's not fully charged. I've taken my baby's temperature, my husband's temperature, and my own temperature, and every single time, it reads about one degree cooler than the readings on my instant forehead thermometer.

As pictured above, my forehead thermometer reads 98.9-degrees vs. the VAVA, which reads 98.1 degrees, which isn't a huge difference, but eight-tenths of a degree could be the difference between a fever or no fever. As I mentioned previously, I've found that this thermometer starts to read cooler and cooler as it loses its charge, sometimes reading two full degrees colder when half charged.

The VAVA Smart Thermometer also takes forever to finish a reading. I've timed it three times, and each time, it's taken 10 to 12 minutes for the little heart indicator to stop blinking, indicating that the reading is complete. This is definitely not the monitor for you if you're looking for instant results.

Vava Smart Thermometer

Vava Smart Thermometer (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

To be honest, I expect much better performance out of a thermometer with this price point. It's slow and consistently inaccurate, and that's a deal-breaker for me. It comes with 10 adhesive patches, but again, a thermometer that costs this much should come with much more. Purchasing another pack of 10 adhesive strips will cost you $10 a pop.

The VAVA Smart Thermometer is not good for mobile babies. I wouldn't recommend it for babies that walk, crawl, or are six months and up. It would not stay in place while my daughter (who is 16 months) slept; it slid out of her armpit at least three times in a two-hour span.

The fall alarm did go off, which was appreciated, but if the whole point is to monitor your baby's temperature while they sleep, you're definitely going to wake them up when you have to go in and continuously reattach it. I could see this working well for brand new babies who don't move much in their sleep, but if your child is mobile at all, they'll either rip it off themselves, or it will fall out of place as they move.

VAVA Smart Thermometer: Should you buy

Vava Smart Thermometer

Vava Smart Thermometer (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

You're looking for continuous temperature monitoring

The VAVA Smart Thermometer is a wearable thermometer designed to continuously monitor your baby's temperature while they sleep, giving parents peace of mind. It features a fever alarm if it registers a temperature 100-degrees and up, and a fall alarm if it slides out of place or falls off.

You're looking for a sleek design

The all-white VAVA Smart Thermometer features a slick design and comes in sleek packaging reminiscent of Apple products.

You want a thermometer that's comfortable to wear

This thermometer is made of soft silicone that's comfy to wear against bare skin.

You should not buy this if ...

You want instant body temperature readings

The VAVA Smart Thermometer takes 10-12 minutes to register body temperature readings. It's much faster with ambient temperature readings.

You want 100% accuracy

This thermometer consistently reads on the cool side.

Your baby is very mobile

I wouldn't recommend this thermometer for babies that move a lot while they sleep or are old enough to grab it and rip it off themselves.

You're on a budget

The VAVA Smart Thermometer costs $80, and each 10-pack adhesive strip refill will cost you $10.

VAVA Smart Thermometer: Bottom line

Vava Smart Thermometer

Vava Smart Thermometer (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

The VAVA Smart Thermometer is a wearable thermometer that works best for young infants. It features fever and fall alarms and an easy to read LED-backlit display. The thermometer itself is made of comfortable, soft silicone, and it pairs easily to the charging case. It is pricey, especially when considering that it reads on the cooler side. It is not a good fit for mobile babies that move around a lot while they sleep, and it only works best when it's fully charged.

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