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Verizon buckles to pricing pressure with new MORE Everything plan

On Thursday Verizon (opens in new tab) announced its new MORE Everything program. It's another shared data family plan that replaces Verizon's Share Everything program. With more competitive pricing, it's a rare capitulation for the nation's biggest carrier, which up to now has resisted pricing pressure from the competition because of the strength of its network.

Customers who combine the MORE Everything plan with Verizon's Edge upgrade program can save themselves $10 per month off their monthly access charge if they have a shared data plan of up to 8 GB. If you pay for 10 GB or more shared data, you can save up $20 per month.

What's more, Verizon is increasing the amount of data for certain plans - a $40 plan that had been capped at 500 MB now goes to 1 GB, while the $50 plan goes from 1 GB to 2 GB. Verizon's $60 plan goes from 2 GB to 3 GB.

MORE Everything customers also get access to service called Family Base, which enables parents to keep a close eye on who their kids are talking to and texting and what apps they're using on their smartphones, along with reduced international calling rates - both programs are free for the first three months, then cost $5 per month extra.

  • I'm a Verizon subscriber who obviously isn't thrilled with their pricing. I have 4 lines on a family plan. I know I'd save a ton on T-Mobile but their service isn't where I need it to be yet. This plan could help. Thank you T-Mobile for stirring the pot in an industry that is a necessary evil such as insurance.
  • How's this plan help you? Nothing has really changed for verizon family plans if you wisely stay away from the Edge program. This is geared to get more revenue, not more everything.
  • Actually it does change family plans if you can stay under 3GB. Every data plan 3GB or under is now cheaper than it was before whether you are an edge customer or not. There is an additional $10 off the monthly line access for each Edge line. But Edge is a scam.
  • Staying under 3gb with a family plan? What's the point? Might as well get a feature phone. That's just aimed at the lower end feature phone users. In other words, nothing has changed. Trying to lure users to its idiot Edge plan or keep feature phone users. Yet the blogs are full of Verizon is buckling to pricing. Not really.
  • At&t is cheaper wow my iPhone had a hard time typing that it was no no it's not true. You don't get the international messaging or cloud storage. But it you don't need it then it's a savings. Although att was giving away 100 GB cloud storage some time back that may still be available.
  • Att is cheaper. 4 lines, unlimited talk and text plus 10gb data $160. Att is WAY cheaper Sent from the iMore App
  • For new customers the $160 doesn't include the price of the phones. If I went with 4, 16gb iPhone 5S then add at least $25 to each line.
  • I would love to jump to TMo but I'm with you. Their coverage is almost non existent in my area nor is AT&T for that matter. I want to jump to Straight Talk but I need more that what they offer. If they get closer to where V is on allowing hotspots and tablets without throttling data I'm there.
  • I gave it a look but it doesn't offer an changes for me. Too many lines and too much data. :(
  • And still nothing to combat the att 4 lines with unlimited talk and text + 10gb of data for $160 Sent from the iMore App
  • 4 lines on tmobile with unlimited talk/text and 2.5gb data each line is $140, if Tmobile works well in your area.
  • Which is seldom the case. There's a reason tmobile is cheap.
  • Well I just have to disagree with you on that. Clearly T-mobile doesn't have the coverage that ATT/Verizon do in small towns and rural areas, but the majority of the population doesn't live in small towns and rural areas. So most people would actually do just fine on T-mobile.
  • These new prices make me giggle. I will NEVER give up unlimited data. When I worked for verizon and they first told us about the share everything plan before it went public all I could think of was wow what a rip off. I couldn't even do the practice scenarios where we had to think of a positive to sell the customer. Unlimited talk and text dont really mean much these days. I hardly call anyone, and when I text it's all iMessage. When they don't have an iPhone I try to text through Facebook or Twitter. Sent from the iMore App
  • Thanks for the heads up, Peter! My girlfriend and I have a 1GB shared data plan, which is perfect for our usage (each month we come in at about 90% of the total allowed). After I read your piece, I went to the Verizon site and noticed they'd bumped our plan up to 2GB for the same price. But they also still had our old 1GB level for $10 less. So, I changed back to that and voila - we're saving $10 a month. Thanks, man!
  • I have recently switched (December) from Verizon to AT&T because of the plan pricing and increased work discount. Well, I have since realized that AT&T's coverage is way worse than their map makes it seem. With these new "More Everything" plans, I was really excited at the idea of switching back to Verizon, but without them discounting people who "Bring Their Own Device", or buy outright, It would be over $36 a month more for the same plan as I have on AT&T (10GB, 2 lines: one on payment plan, one outright), and its not worth that to me.
  • I've read if you call customer service about bringing your own device they can discount family plan. I haven't tried, and I don't know how much the discount is, but it might be worth a call.
  • We have 4 smart phone lines on our Verizon plan - all with unlimited data. We'll bite the bullet and buy the next iPhone outright to avoid being forced into one of the share data plans. The debate between my wife and the verizon rep that called her to see if we'd switch to a share everying plan was comical. The rep could not give one valid reason why we should give up what we currently have.
  • Is this really a good plan or do I have to turn in my phone when the contract ends? Do I have to pay extra for the now non subsidied phone? What is the deal with the phone. It is not spelled out on their page. This seems like a red herring. I buy a 64GB iPhone every time. So will the subsidy disappear? Or will it be tacked on to my monthly bill? In that case, the $240 that I would save per year is not worth the $400 subsidy that get outright on my phone. Especially not if I have to turn the phone back in to them. Uh still trying to see how this is a deal for me in the long run. It looks good when you see that price drop, but not if I have to fork over $800 up front for a phone.
  • So here's the thing. VZW's actually not even trying to compete here. First, their biggest competitor, AT&T is offering up to $25/month off, vs. VZW's $20/month off. Then, unlike EVERY other carrier, the discounts on the monthly access fees don't apply to customers who bring in their own device or pay full price for their phone upfront, So even if I pay full retail, and don't get a subsidy, Verizon still won't give me the discount, UNLESS I opt for one of the EDGE plans, which still aren't as good as their competitors. Check out this article:
  • With AT&T I'm spending about 200 for 6 lines. 10 gigs and unlimited talk and text all iPhone 5S. I moved from verizon just in time. Sent from the iMore App
  • Currently have 4 devices and 8gb data with VZW. It would take losing the value of 4 phones as a trade in to "Edge-Up" and get ninety bucks a month off my bill. That's 1 1/2 years R.O.I.
    If I wait 10 months for my ETF to expire, I can go anywhere I want for less and finance the new phones as needed with MasterCard! No more contracts for me, F-um!