Verizon to flip the switch on nationwide HD Voice VoLTE in a few months

Verizon has just announced their plans to start rolling out voice over LTE, also known as HD Voice and VoLTE. The system should be rolling out over the next couple of months, and enable high-quality audio calling provided both users are in an area with a VoLTE network and are using supporting handsets. They'll be using AMR-wideband to deploy HD Voice. Verizon promises this upgrade will also include the ability to instantly hand off to a video call, and will eventually lead to improved file transfer size, group messaging, and location sharing.

AT&T is already dipping their toe in the VoLTE pool, so this is bound to be an interesting race. No specific timing was mentioned for Verizon's VoLTE rollout, but they said we can expect some markets to be getting the upgrade in the next couple of months.

How do you find the quality of your voice calls? Could they use a bump? Do you expect to switch off between audio and video calls regularly?

Source: Verizon

Simon Sage

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