The Verizon iPhone 5's SIM slot is unlocked, as it turns out

Some preliminary tests are showing that users can pop an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card into a Verizon-branded iPhone 5, and you can get HSPA+ service as normal (assuming, of course, the GSM SIM is active). This is great news for T-Mobile customers that worried about having to unlock the SIM slot on their shiny new iPhone 5, as well as frequent flyers that regularly swap out SIM cards for local service. You can always shave down your own nano SIM cards, though it's generally not recommended.

Hopefully this will last, since the Sprint iPhone 4S launched with an unlocked SIM slot, but shortly after, they started locking it down again (though later offered unlocking to customers in good standing). 

Anyone intend on swapping their SIM cards around a lot, or are you happy with your carrier? Did you end up signing a new contract when picking up your iPhone 5, or did you buy yours outright? If this is a limited-time deal, are you more tempted to get an iPhone 5 while the SIM slots are still unlocked?

Via: iDownloadBlog

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  • Right now "deal-breaker" is with Verizon you can't have simultaneous internet when using doing and during phone calls. Or has it changed? If so then Verizon here I come!...
  • No, one can not do voice & data at the same time on a Verizon iPhone5 over cellular... if your data is on wifi - talk & surf works dandy.
  • If you are on 4g you can do both simultaneously on Verizon, as is the case with all 4g phones.
  • The iPhone5 is not capable of simultaneous voice and data on Verizon. It does not have the necessary internals to make it possible. It is documented here on previous posts on the iMore blog. Read for edification.
  • That's not entirely true. It depends on the phone design what it can do. There are some phones running on Verizon that have an antenna design that allows voice/data if you are using 4G data and some that can do it for both 4G and 3G data.
  • Thanks! I am on wifi most of the time. Looks like time for a change...
  • I'm already leaning towards picking 1 up so this is just an added bonus!
  • This is good news. Verizon has been pretty good about unlocking GSM if one has been a customer, in good standing, for I think 6 months. This is obviously a good step forward yet. LTE will eventually do simultaneous voice and data. So for now it is the 2 radios approach like the S3 or wait until Verizon says yep.
  • You can do simultaneous voice and 4G LTE data on Verizon with every other 4G phone on Verizon. Just not the iPhone. Just fyi.
  • this is making it VERY hard to resist saying "screw you" at&t and paying my etf and go to VZW... :-/
  • Hey man! That's exactly what I did and I am glad I did. I can't wait to talk to AT&T about canceling my contract so that when they ask why I'm leaving, I can tell them to take their network and shove it up their a**! Lol. Don't get me wrong, their 3G is very good, but they don't have it in many areas that I frequent. And LTE? Hah!!! I would've been waiting until 2020 before I ever had it in my area. Verizon has been good so far, but this is only day one. One thing I noticed is that AT&T's signal penetrated the building at my work better and I had better signal. Verizon seems a lot worse in that regard, but what do you expect in that environment? I'm happy with them.
  • If memory serves, if you want to play on the 700Mhz LTE bands (which Verizon does) your devices HAVE to be carrier unlocked, per the FCC. I don't think the iPhone 5 will magically become locked on VZW anytime soon. I don't think AT&T is using the 700Mhz LTE bands for their LTE, so they don't have to play by that rule, though I could be wrong.
  • I'm still wondering when Apple will either allow the installation of dual-sim cards, or find a solution allowing two (or more) different numbers from two (or more) different carriers to function on one phone. Physical card access seems so old fashioned ... eliminate it, and the phone gets one more step toward being waterproof... The only barrier to virtual SIM, as far as I can imagine, is that decent security preventing hackers from spoofing the carrier networks, is dependent upon a physical card inserted into a physical slot!
  • Verizon unlocked my 4S with no problems, and no extra charge.
  • I will try voice/data test at work tomorrow and let y'all know how it goes. I was thinking yes due to LTE.
  • It won't work on the iPhone 5, guaranteed. 4G LTE Data and Voice works on any other phone except for this iPhone, as explained in many blogs. I tried it on my iPhone just to verify, and sure enough, when you make a call, the LTE symbol will go away. And if you try to browse the web, nothing happens.