Verizon now lets you gift a gig of data to friends and family

Verizon is looking to help you get into the holiday spirit in its own way, allowing customers to easily gift data to others. Now, if you want to help a friend or family member stream just a bit more Netflix or music for the month, you can send 1GB of data to them and have it billed to your account.

While Android users have the option of using Verizon's Messages app to send the gift, it sounds like iPhone users are restricted to doing things online. You can get started from your account page on the Verizon website, through which you can also attach a little message to the gift. Your buddies can then redeem the gift either through their account page or via text message once sent.

It's definitely an interesting, albeit a tad silly, offer from Verizon. Will you be giving the gift of data this holiday season?

Source: Verizon

Dan Thorp-Lancaster