Verizon Set to Unleash New "iDevice iDoesn't" Attack Ads

Hot on the heels of their spunky new "there's a map for that" anti-iPhone/AT&T programming, Verizon looks set to unless yet more attack ads. Engadget Mobile says:

We're hearing that the carrier will be kicking off a major new campaign this evening during the Yankees-Angels game that'll feature "a very different look and a whole new attitude," calling out the "iDevice" (their words, not ours) for all the things it can't do.

Yeah, from the network that famously locked down GPS, wouldn't allow Wi-Fi, and removed OS-specific application markets for their own bloatware, that's a lot of nerve. Especially given the lukewarm reception Verizon is already getting for their new BlackBerry Storm2 (never mind their deceptive comparisons...), their Android savior still on the horizon, and hardly exclusive, and they seemingly won't be landing an iPhone of their own anytime soon.

Still, it should also be a lot of fun! If you catch the new ads, let us know what you think!

Rene Ritchie

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