Verizon's TravelPass will make it more affordable to use your phone internationally

Verizon has introduced TravelPass, a new way for its customers to use their smartphones overseas at a more affordable cost. Under this new plan, customers will be able to use their data in Canada or Mexico for $2 per 24 hour period, or $10 per 24 hour period in more than 65 other countries. Previously, Verizon forced users to pay large roaming charges, and adding international data could get quite expensive.

The daily fee is only charged on the days you use it in one of the TravelPass countries. TravelPass activates when you make or receive a call, connect to a data service or send a text while within one of the 65+ countries where TravelPass is available. Another daily session will begin once you make or receive a call, send a text or use data after the 24-hour period expires. You can keep TravelPass on your account at no charge so it will be ready the next time your travels take you abroad.

This is a big step forward for Verizon in becoming more competitive for those who travel. Other US carriers have been making international usage more appealing, so its great to see Verizon follow in those footsteps. Interested in how Verizon's new offerings compare to the other US carriers? Check out the link below for a full breakdown.

International data overseas: See how the US carriers stack up

Source: Verizon

Jared DiPane

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