Video: Recap of the Mobile Nations reader meetups

We had a couple of reader meetups this week in New York City and San Francisco. Rene Ritchie of iMore and Vector and Phil Nickinson a.k.a. Modern Dad were hanging out at the San Francisco party, while Mr. Mobile and I were mingling with the New York City crowd.

There was free food, and free giveaways, but the highlight of the night was being in the same room with like-minded people. It made me happy seeing smiles on peoples' faces as we talk about phones, gadgets, and tech. We hope to have more of these meetups in the future if you missed out, but you can watch all the fun that night in our video recap.


Thanks to AT&T for sponsoring the meetups. At the venue, readers were able to experience their new virtual reality (VR) experience as part of the It Can Wait campaign. Nearly nine in 10 people admit to using their smartphone behind the wheel. Yet nearly a quarter of people don't identify using a smartphone while driving as a major problem. With the new 3D experience, AT&T hopes it will help raise awareness and ultimately save lives.

Mark Guim

But first, let me take a selfie.