Andy To New York On Iphone 12 ProSource: Andy To

What you need to know

  • Videographer Andy To has shared a new video filmed entirely on iPhone 12 Pro.
  • The video takes us on a tour of the parts of New York City that don't often get shown.
  • The whole thing is filmed in 4K and HDR.

Apple's iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale this coming Friday and some people have already been able to take one for a spin Videographer Andy To is one of those people with the result being a cinematic tour around New York City. In 4K and HDR, no less.

The video, according to To, was recorded in 4K 60FPS / 4K 24 FPS HDR without the use of any external lenses. It was edited in Final Cut Pro and the result is impressive by any measure.

Check it out.

I've been home in New York for the past 7 months and a lot has changed. I've never explored the city this much before and with the release of the new iPhone 12 Pro I wanted to make sure I captured little more than just Manhattan.

I'd say he did a good job of showing what iPhone 12 Pro is capable of, wouldn't you?

The iPhone 12 Pro is the first to record in 4K Dolby Vision which is a big deal. We might not all have the skill of Andy T, but we can rest assured that the videos of our kids falling off bikes will look glorious!