Vodafone will let you use your UK allowance for £5 per day in 28 new countries

UK mobile operator Vodafone will be adding 28 new destinations to the company's WorldTraveller on December 1. This move will enable subscribers to travel abroad to even more markets and enjoy their contracted allowances without incurring massive charges when returning home. The actual service requires you to pay £5 for a full day's use, but you'll be saving in the long run.

The full list of new markets being added tomorrow include: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Lesotho, Mexico, Mozambique, Peru, Puerto Rico, Russia, Serbia, Singapore , Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands.

Will you be taking full advantage of the expanded coverage on Vodafone WorldTraveller?

Source: Vodafone (opens in new tab)

  • Interesting, Vodafone NZ offer the same service, but for NZ$5 per day, about one third of what Vodafone's UK customers get charged.
  • So you pay £5 and still get you local data allowance eaten into? How is that a good deal? My telco charges about the same (a bit less based on today's rates) for unlimited data per day in a longer list of supported countries. My local data quota isn't even touched.