Walmart launches its own mobile payment service called Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is the latest to be launched by the US supermarket chain, which enables customers who pop in to do a little shopping to use their smartphone to pay for products thrown into the cart at checkout. This new feature is part of the company's app available on both Android and iOS.

So how does the system work? You'll first need to setup the apps with your chosen payment card. Then when you're at the checkout you'll be able to use Walmart Pay to scan a code displayed at the register, which will then forward an e-receipt to the app.

It's an interesting advancement by the US supermarket in a bid to push its own mobile payment platform in favor of Apple Pay or Android Pay. However, in the end we'll all be using Something Pay.

Source: Reuters

  • Last thing we need is an app for every single store we visit on our phones. Walmart needs to just get on board with Apple Pay. Sent from the iMore App
  • Whatever happened to Current-C?
  • Judging from the explanation, I think this IS Current-C.
  • I meant the name. Why'd they change the name? Now it's store-specific, whereas if they called it Current-C, it would be a general name that all partners could use. Now you'll have (theoretically) dozens of these "Pay" names, one for each partner.
  • There is precedent for this. All the various brands of Visa and MasterCard, with all the different issuers. Or it could be that enough partners have jumped off the Current-C ship that it is in effect, just a Walmart thing now.
  • A smart move, considering the vast purchasing power of the average Wally World customer. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm not a fan of this. Sent from the iMore App