Was Astral Chain influenced by Pokémon?

Was Astral Chain influenced by Pokémon?

Best answer: Yes! The director's love of Pokémon inspired the main character's partnership with Legion.Fight aliens with a living weapon: Astral Chain ($60 at Amazon)

What element of Astral Chain was inspired by Pokémon?

Astral Chain

Astral Chain (Image credit: Nintendo)

Astral Chain is an action game, so in most regards, it's not an awful lot like Pokémon. However, game director Takahisa Taura has said that one very specific element was inspired by GameFreak's monster-catching and battling game.

In an official tweet promoting the game, Taura revealed that he was a fan of Pokémon and that its themes of fighting alongside monster companions inspired the main character's relationship with its assigned partner, Legion.

Legion isn't as cute and fluffy as a lot of Pokémonv; it's a chimera-like being that can change shape and fight alongside its partner, rather than just stepping in to fight for them. But its partnership with the main character forms a strong bond like that of a Pokémon companion with its trainer.

"In #ASTRALCHAIN, the player summons & fights alongside a Legion," said Taura. "I really love Pokémon, so maybe the idea of calling on another character to fight alongside was greatly influenced by my childhood gaming experiences of growing up alongside my Pokémon."

Are there any other Pokémon-like elements?

Not too many, as the game is very different from a turn-based RPG. But Taura clearly has an affinity for human relationships with animal-like beings.

For one, Astral Chain apparently includes numerous cats and dogs that the player can pick up and interact with, even in a photo mode. So if you love furry animal friends, Astral Chain might be the game for you.

Nintendo has also confirmed via an official tweet that not only is Legion a companion that fights alongside you, but one of its forms, "Beast Legion," takes on the appearance of a mechanical cat. In this form, you can approach it and pet it with the press of the A button.

Taura says there is "no significance in doing so. But please show your Legion some affection."

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