This is what the first iPhone 11's real-life night mode photo looks like

What you need to know

  • The first real-life iPhone 11 night mode photo is here.
  • Model Coco Rocha got her hands on an iPhone 11 Pro Max and took some night shots comparing it to the iPhone X.
  • The photo delivered by the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the new night mode was drastically better.

Apple unveiled the long-expected night mode for the iPhone 11 camera during its event this week. The feature brought the iPhone camera up to par with what we've seen from other Android handsets' night photography.

Since the iPhone 11 isn't launching until September 20, we haven't been able to see exactly how good the new mode is aside from the few examples Apple provided. Well, model and entrepreneur Coco Rocha somehow managed to get her hands on an iPhone 11 Pro Max and tested out the new feature.

Rocha took two photos in the same setting; one with the iPhone X and one with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The image delivered by the 11 Pro Max was strikingly better, lighting up the whole scene and actually capturing her face. Additionally, you can make out the scene much better, including the text around the hot dog stand. The iPhone X image was mostly dark, with most of the detail from her face and the background lost in the darkness.

Here's how Apple describes the feature:

From dimly lit restaurants to moonlit beaches, the new Night mode uses intelligent software and A13Bionic to deliver low‑light shots never before possible on iPhone. And it all happens automatically. You can also experiment with manual controls to dial in even more detail and less noise.

There still needs to be more testing done to see how the photos will look in multiple dark settings, but just going off the first real-life example, the iPhone 11's night mode looks very impressive. We look forward to testing it once we get our hands on the new iPhone 11.

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Danny Zepeda