iPhone 12 Pro concept imagesSource: Path of Design

What you need to know

  • iPhone 12 Pro concepts are already here.
  • We have to admit, this looks gorgeous.
  • An iPhone 4-like design is rumored for next year.

We might only have had our iPhone 11 Pro handsets for a matter of weeks but that isn't stopping people from looking to what we might get next year. We've heard reports that iPhone 12 will see a redesign similar to that of iPhone 4. Which sounds good to us!

There's no doubt that iPhone rumors are fun, but what really kicks things up a notch is a good concept video. And sure enough, we have one already. The video comes via YouTube channel Path of Design and we must admit to being a mittle smitten by it.

It's unlikely we'll be getting most of what's shown in this video as soon as next year, but just indulge us for a minute. OK?

The concept shows us an iPhone that has no notch at the top of the screen, instantly making the handset look hyper modern. There are squared off edges as well, giving us that iPhone 4 look we've been wishing for ever since it went away. Oh, and there's a ProMotion Display and bilateral charging, too.

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And USB-C and 5G. Because at this point, why not?

We'd love to see this thing ship but we might have to wait another couple of years yet. At least for that notchless display. Ignoring that for a minute, can we start a petition for a (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 12 Pro right now?

You can check out the full video above and be sure to click through to the description for all the technical rundown of what Path of Design thins – hopes! – iPhone 12 Pro will offer up.