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2020 iPhone will reportedly feature all-new design

Apple Trade-Up program: Everything you need to know!
Apple Trade-Up program: Everything you need to know!

What you need to know

  • One Apple analyst believes the 2020 iPhone will feature an all new design.
  • Next year's iPhones are also expected to feature 5G support and rear time of flight sensors.
  • The 2020 iPhone is also rumored to feature Touch ID and Face ID.

If leaks prove true, this year's iPhone could look very similar to the iPhone X and iPhone XS—just with a triple-camera setup. Apple fans will apparently have to wait until 2020 before Apple shakes up the iPhone design.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac), who released a new research note on Friday, Apple may be gearing up to introduce an "all-new form factor design" to next year's iPhone. Unfortunately, Kuo doesn't provide any details on what changes Apple plans to make, only saying that two models will be offered in 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch sizes.

What we have heard about the 2020 iPhone is how it'll change internally. According to reports, Apple's 2020 iPhone will feature 5G support and time of flight sensors for enhanced AR capabilities. One rumor also claimed the 2020 iPhone might feature both Touch ID and Face ID.

Kuo believes the changes coming to the 2020 iPhone will drive YoY growth "to new highs."

Before any of that happens, Apple is going to unveil what it has planned for this year. The company has an event scheduled for September 10, where it's expected to introduce three new iPhone models and possibly a Tile-like tracker.

  • I so want Touch ID back. Face ID for use with ApplePay on most terminals is difficult at best. Almost wish I still had my iPhone 7 instead of the Xs.
  • Face ID has been simple for me at terminals, just remember to unlock your phone with Face ID before you put it towards the terminal, unless you're having problems with Face ID in general, in which case trying turning off the "require attention" settings as that can improve things especially if you were glasses
  • I predict FaceID being retired and TouchID making a return to remove the notch since there really is no way to remove the notch as long as FaceID is implemented on iPhones. After performing tests myself on the Note10+, iPhone7Plus, and iPhone XR, accuracy is 99% on underscreen FP on Note10+ compared to 100% on iP7+ and XR (FaceID). Best part is, underscreen FP works with dirt/water on fingers while iP7+ failed 100% with dirt/water on finger. As I have said all along, FaceID was option#2 for Apple after they could not deliver on underscreen FP in 2017.
  • Apple invested a lot in Face ID and advertising for it, I can't imagine they'll retire it this year or next, maybe the year after. But I'm all for a fingerprint reader that works with wet fingers as even slightly sweaty hands can stop it working, which is very awkward when doing Apple Pay