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Best Answer: The best storage capacity for most people will be the 256GB. The iPhone 11 Pro comes in 64GB/256GB/512GB capacities, but 256GB is the sweet spot. With the pro-level features of the device, we feel that 64GB is too little, and 512GB may be too much unless you're doing a lot of video recording.

Pro-level phone: iPhone 11 Pro (From $999 at Apple)

Why does Apple even offer 64GB on a Pro-level device?

Honestly, it's a little annoying that Apple is still doing 64GB as the starting capacity for the iPhone 11 Pro. The iOS software takes up some space already, and with the triple-lens camera system and 12MP TrueDepth cameras on iPhone 11 Pro, that storage will fill up quickly if you take a lot of photos and video. Plus, when you take into account the size of some games on the App Store (some are up in the 1GB+), that 64GB of space will not last very long.

At the very least, Apple should have started storage capacity at 128GB for the Pro line. Maybe we will see that in the future.

The 256GB is a good middle ground

For most people, the 256GB size should be a perfect fit. It's a nice size because you won't have to worry about running out of space when downloading a bunch of apps, taking a lot of photos or 4K video with that new triple-lens camera system and 12MP TrueDepth front-facing camera, downloading music to your device, and everything else.

What about 512GB?

If you think 256GB is not enough, then, by all means, get the 512GB. This is the largest capacity offered by Apple right now for iPhones, and you'll likely never have to worry about reaching full storage again.

And if you plan on doing a lot of 4K video recording with those new camera lenses (Wide, Ultra Wide, and Telephoto), then the 512GB capacity is the way to go. The 4K videos take up a lot of space, and with the largest storage size, it should be enough.

Our pick

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro

Compact but pro

The iPhone 11 Pro's triple-lens camera system and 12MP TrueDepth front-facing camera let you take the very best photos with your iPhone. With the 4K video recording and DSLR quality photos, you will need ample storage for media, games, and apps.

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