What storage size iPhone 11 should you get?

What storage size iPhone 11 should you get?

Best Answer: For the average person, the 128GB should be plenty of space, especially if you are the type of person to not depend on cloud storage services, download a lot of music and take plenty of photos and video. If you do, plan to take advantage of iOS 13's flash drive support, then 64GB is fine. For those who take a lot of videos, keep original photos on their iPhone, play a lot of games, or have extensive music libraries, 256GB is the best bet.Let's get colorful: Apple iPhone 11 (From $699 at Apple)

The 128GB is a great middle-ground for most people

With the iPhone 11, you only have three storage capacities to choose from: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. We believe that for most people, 128GB is a great storage size to go with.

While cloud storage services are designed to make our lives easier by having our files available everywhere, sometimes you just can't beat having everything stored locally on your device. It'll always be accessible, and you don't need to worry about having a data connection to access most of your essential files. With 128GB, you should have more than enough space for the important files that matter to you.

And if you take a lot of photos with occasional video, then 128GB is also a great size for that. With the Wide and Ultra-Wide lenses on the iPhone 11, you're bound to be taking a lot of photos to put that new Ultra-Wide lens to work. If you plan on taking the occasional video now and then, the 128GB size should be good enough for a few of those, as long as they aren't too long (4K videos can get big).

Even though streaming music seems to be all the rage lately, sometimes you just can't beat having your own music library that is locally available without an Internet connection. 128GB is enough space for most of your favorite albums, if not your entire library.

64GB is great for minimalists

For those of you who depend on cloud storage solutions (like iCloud, Dropbox, etc.), use music and video streaming services, and plan on using flash storage support in iOS 13, then local storage on your iPhone may not be as big of a deal. If that's the case, then 64GB should be good enough, especially if you don't take many photos or videos.

256GB is for those who need storage

If you have the money to get the most storage and never want to worry about running out of space on your iPhone, it's hard to go wrong with the 256GB size.

With the advanced dual-lens camera system of the iPhone 11 (Wide and Ultra-Wide), Night Mode, Deep Fusion, 12MP TrueDepth Camera with wide-angle support and slow-motion video recording, and the standard 4K video recording, you may end up with a ton of media eating up your memory. The 256GB size ensures that you don't need to worry about running out of space.

And with Apple Arcade launching on September 19, you may be doing a lot of gaming. The 256GB size makes sure you have plenty of room to download those awesome new games and get your money's worth out of that $5 a month subscription.

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