What's in MrMobile's bag for 2017?

It's been a full year since I last gave you a peek into my pockets for a tour of MrMobile's Everyday Carry. That's equivalent to four years on the planet Mercury, seven years for the common canine — and roughly a century when it comes to mobile technology. In that time, I've traded Windows Mobile for BlackBerry; shed the Microsoft Band in favor of some even bigger smartwatches; and upgraded to the new iPad Pro while leaving my MacBook as-is. Oh, and I bought a wallet at a comic book store. Because YOLO, or something.

So whether you're seeking early ideas for Prime Day or just wondering what populates the pockets of a crazy contrarian like me, come check out the gadgetry that gets me where I'm going — in MrMobile's 2017 Everyday Carry!

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