Where to buy Yoshi's Crafted World for Nintendo Switch

Where to buy Yoshi's Crafted World for Nintendo Switch

Best answer: Amazon. No matter how you're purchasing, for most people, Amazon will be the best place to pick up the game.Buy from Amazon: Yoshi's Crafted World ($60)

The game

Yoshi's Crafted World brings everyone's favorite dinosaur back for a fresh adventure in a new, more interactive world. The "handicrafted" experience reminds me of some of the old Toy Story games I used to play with cardboard, string, and colors galore. The entire game is built to look like something you would find as part of a kid's school project, which is pretty cool.

As Yoshi, you navigate your way through a cardboard cutout world gobbling up enemies and shooting eggs at whatever you can find to get more coins. Sometimes you'll have to shoot a piece of the world around you to be able to make your way forward, or you'll have to find some creative way to get yourself around an obstacle.

Yoshi's back for a crazy, unique adventure with a twist.

One cool twist on the game is that once you complete a level, the whole world will swing around and you can run through it backward, behind the world you just ran through. It's definitely a creative world to play in.

Make no mistake, however, this will no doubt present some pretty incredible challenges along with the kid-like fun. Nintendo has an amazing knack for being able to take what looks like a simple, easy game and making it much more challenging than it appears. Overall the game promises to be ridiculously fun for even one player but thankfully, the game fully supports 2 player co-op so you and your ride-or-die can just grab a controller and shoot eggs to your heart's content.

Why Amazon

While there's no shortage of retailers to buy the game from, Amazon will probably be the best place to get it for most folks. It offers both the digital and physical copy of the game and if you want the physical version, you're guaranteed to have it on launch day with no extra shipping cost so you don't have to wait around for it while all your friends are already beating it. Best of all, if you're a Prime member, you might be eligible for a discount.

None of the other stores are offering any sort of deals or bundles or anything and many of them have a shipping cost and some won't even promise you'll have it by launch day. Unless you have a good loyalty program with GameStop or BestBuy, or maybe a gift card somewhere, I'd recommend Amazon.

Jason Cockerham