Which Fitbit is best for seniors?

Staying healthy and active is important at any age and a Fitbit can help you do this. For seniors, certain features of the Fitbit may be more important like having a good screen or its overall durability. When looking for a Fitbit to buy, there are a few different categories that might be important to help you decide which one is right for you.

What is a Fitbit?

A Fitbit is a wearable fitness tracker that monitors key information so you can keep track of your daily activity levels. Some Fitbits are worn on the wrist while others clip on to your belt or pants. Depending on the Fitbit you choose, you can track different fitness information like how many steps you've taken or your current heart rate.

Fitbits are simple to use, easy to wear, and can be an important tool to help you live a healthy lifestyle — not matter your age.

Why are they good for seniors?

If you want to make sure you're staying active, a Fitbit is a great way to track your daily activities. Seeing your progress day-to-day and week-to-week can be a fun way to stay motivated to work on goals like burning calories or increasing your active minutes in a day.

There are several models of Fitbits available, each with its own advantages and limitations, but there is likely a Fitbit that will work perfectly for the kinds of activity you like to do.

Which Fitbit is the cheapest?

Fitbit Zip

If you're not sure if a fitness track is right for you, but you want to give it a while, then it's probably a good idea to start with the least expensive model.

The Fitbit Zip retails for $59.99 and is a small, clip-on tracker you can attach to your waistband, belt, or pocket. It tracks how many steps you take and how long you've been active so you can monitor your daily progress. If you have a smartphone, the Fitbit Zip will sync to it and show you your fitness history in more detail.

The Zip is lightweight and very simple to use. It's perfect for both leisurely afternoon strolls or more intense exercise.

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Which Fitbit is the simplest to use?

Fitbit Charge

Once you buy your Fitbit, you want to start using it right away. You want the important functions, but don't need every bell and whistle — so which is the right one to choose?

The Fitbit Charge HR has a nice balance of features while still being very easy to navigate and understand. This device will monitor your step count, the distance you've walked, and the calories you've burned (plus a few additional features like tracking your sleep). A really nice feature of this Fitbit is the built-in heart rate tracker. With the push of a button, you can check your current heart rate, making sure you don't overdo it during your exercise.

Not every Fitbit model comes with a screen, but the Charge HR has a display screen that is clear to read and will scroll important information about your daily fitness level by pushing a button.

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Which Fitbit has the best features?

Fitbit Surge

If you're ready to jump in with both feet and hit the ground running (literally) with Fitbit, consider the feature-packed Fitbit Surge.

This Fitbit is about the size of a large wristwatch and was designed to be durable and tough. It tracks all of the common fitness activities the other Fitbits do, but also has a built-in GPS unit. This GPS tracker will map out the route you take if you go for daily walks or jogs, showing you detailed information like the pace you're moving at and the elevation you've climbed.

A heart rate tracker is built into this Fitbit so you can stay in the optimal target zone to burn fat or improve cardio exercise, and the Surge can also connect with your phone so you can receive alerts of incoming calls and messages or control the music you play over your phone.

The Surge also has Smart Track technology which recognizes and tracks when you switch between the types of exercise. The large screen on the Surge makes it easy to see all of the information from your Fitbit right on your wrist.

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Should you do it?

Fitness trackers are not only a great way to monitor your exercise activities, it's a good way to keep yourself motivated. If you're having a tough time finding the willpower to get out of the house and be active, your Fitbit can help make workout activities more fun. By automatically tracking important info like your daily step count and distance you move, you can get instant satisfaction as you watch your fitness level improve.