Will Pokemon Let's Go influence Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Will Pokemon Let's Go influence Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Best answer: Yes. Pokemon Let's Go can have an influence on Pokemon Sword & Shield, but only when it comes to transferring Pokemon through the new Pokemon Home service.Attack them all: Pokemon Sword ($60 on Amazon)Defend them all: Pokemon Shield ($60 on Amazon)

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Prepare yourself for Pokemon Sword & Shield and get a head start on other players by being prepared in Pokemon Let's Go. Any Pokemon present in the Pokemon Sword & Shield Pokedex can be transferred in from Pokemon Let's Go. So, if you've been playing Pokemon Let's Go for quite a while and have a good selection of Pokemon, it is possible to transfer them to Pokemon Home and then into Pokemon Sword & Shield. This includes any shiny Pokemon which you may have as well!

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It isn't just Pokemon Let's Go that can have an influence on Pokemon Sword & Shield through the Pokemon Home service. Any game in which Pokemon can transfer into the Pokemon Home cloud storage could potentially end up in Pokemon Sword & Shield as long as they exist in its Pokedex.

So far, the service has been detailed to work with Pokemon Bank. That includes all of the Nintendo 3DS games as well as Pokemon Go, Pokemon Let's Go, and Pokemon Sword & Shield too. The Pokemon Home service launches in 2020, and as of yet, there is no mention if a Nintendo Switch Online membership will be required for it.

Are there any other cross-over areas?

Co-op battles have not yet been confirmed, but I would suspect that this will not happen due to the new battle functions available in Pokemon Sword & Shield. For example, Dynamax battles are present only in Pokemon Sword & Shield and not in the Pokemon Let's Go series. As more information arises, we'll keep you updated.

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