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Transform your photos into typographic works of art with WordFoto for iPhone

A picture is worth a thousand words -- and WordFoto takes this quite literally by artistically splattering meaningful words all over your photos, transforming them into typographic works of art.

Creating your masterpieces is simple -- just add the words you wish to appear in your photo and WordFoto will choose where and how large the words appear on your image and apply a filter. You can also choose from 8 preset styles or create your own by choosing the colors for shadows/highlights and adjusting saturation, brightness, contrast, padding, and font. You can store up to 8 of these custom styles that can be quickly accessed for other photos.

If you still want to make a few more adjustments, head to the "finetune" tab where you can make further changes to the edge, edge threshold, and color tolerance. You can also force the entire image to be re-rendered for other word placement options.

Speaking of word placement, sometimes the wrong words end up emphasized. For example, in this example, the most important word should be "California", yet WordFoto made "state" the largest word in the photo.

Transform your photos into typographic works of art with WordFoto for iPhone

WordFoto definitely needs to include the ability to mark the importance of the words. After many rendering attempts, this was the closest I could get to focusing on the word "California".

Transform your photos into typographic works of art with WordFoto for iPhone

My other complaint is that you cannot share directly with Twitter. You can only share to your Camera Roll (from where you can then tweet), Facebook, and email.

Despite these two changes I'd like to see, I still recommend WordFoto for creating photos with a message because it does this very well and quite beautifully. Not to mention, WordFoto is extremely easy to use

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Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • I'd have liked to see your original images as well to see what the app started with and what it finished with.
  • +1 to what Chris said.
  • You can see the sunset one in this post
    And the flower in this post
  • If you buy this on your iPhone, is it also available on your iPad?
  • No. It's not a universal app :(
    I am in the middle of coming up with a new t-shirt design for my company...our logo stinks but since we are a non profit and I have a stubborn boss we haven't changed our logo. This app made our logo look appealing and something people would be proud to wear on a shirt.
  • "You can only share to your Cameral Roll"? LOL! Was this a Freudian slip due to the "camel toe" picture? [blush]
  • lol oops. Fixed!
  • I hate to say this but I think this is a horrible tiourtal. I don't think it is possible to write an effective tiourtal directed towards beginner programmers that are not familiar with Java. quote: you wanna type TextView tv = new Sure you're showing them what to type but it doesn't help. I think you should focus more on experienced Java programmers that are new to the API.
  • Does not seem to work on ios 5.1.1