WowFX for iPhone review

WowFX is a photo editing app for iPhone that features over 100 photo realistic effects like tornados, lightening, fire, water, smoke, clouds, and more. You can layer more than one effect, adjust their opacities, add a filter, then open in another app for further editing. WowFX will help give your photos that wow-factor that seems to be missing.

After choosing or taking the photo you wish to edit, WowFX will take you the cropping screen where you will be forced to crop your photo as a square. You can also tilt and rotate the photo to the perfect position to ensure that your photo's composition is a good as possible. At this stage, the quality of your photo will look terrible, but once you progress to the next screen, it'll fully render and appear how you expect it to.

The next screen is where you get to add all the fun effects. For each effect, you can scale and rotate it to your liking. Don't like effect or where you put it? No worries, you can delete it or move it somewhere else. You can also adjust the opacity to make it as realistic (or unrealistic) as possible. You can add as many filters as you want with WowFX and independently adjust their opacity and position. The Layers tab is where you go to select a layer to edit. Unfortunately, you cannot mass delete layers from this screen, you must select them one at of time to delete. A "clear all" button would be a great addition as well as the ability to swipe to delete individual effects.

Once you've perfected your effects, you can select between 21 different filters to add you to photo. There is a good range of styles to choose from, but if you don't fine one you like, you can use the Open In features to open your photo in another photo editing app like Instagram. Surprisingly, sharing directly to Facebook or Twitter is not an option, but only to Open In another photography app. You can, or course, also save the photo to Camera Roll.

The good

  • Over 100 photo realistic effects (Fire, Explosions, Water, Lights, Smoke, Tornado, Clouds, and more)
  • Scale & rotate
  • Layer effects on top of each other
  • Set opacity for each effect
  • Filters
  • Save to camera roll or Open In another photo editing app

The bad

  • Must use a square crop
  • Can't mass delete effects from Layer screen
  • After choosing your crop, you can't go back and select a new photo, you must progress to the end, first, then tap the Home screen

The conclusion

WowFX is an fun photography apps that makes it easy to add drama and excitement to your photos. With over 100 effects to choose from, there's plenty of options to give your photos more pizzaz, yet realistic, or to give them more fun, unrealistic effects like bursts or swirls of color, comets, and more. If you want to give your photos an exciting wow-factor, you should definitely take a look at WowFX.

WowFX is available at the introductory price of $0.99.

$0.99 - Download Now

Leanna Lofte

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