Writedown is a new and beautiful, if restricted, Markdown editor for iPhone

Writedown is a newly released text editor for the iPhone and iPod touch that also has complete support for the Markdown format. Since Markdown is the preferred writing tool here on iMore, we're always keen to check out interesting looking new clients. Writedown is the project of Nguyen Vinh, and has seen some success over in Vietnam already. It looks great, and has some really nice features within that make it well worth a look, but at the same time it's pretty restricted as well.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Writedown is the pull-out Markdown crib-sheet. A simple swipe in from the right brings out a handy guide to the most common syntax that you'll need to put together a perfectly formatted Markdown document. Also of note is the cursor button, allowing you to scroll around documents with ease instead of jabbing your finger at the screen trying – and failing – to hit the right spot. It's beautifully designed, and won't look at all out of place in an iOS 7 world, and there's a bunch of customization features including a dark theme.

Textexpander support is also included, which makes Writedown a real production machine. Cloud syncing is taken care of via Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote – no iCloud – and there's a whole heap of other apps that you can open your Writedown documents in as well as exporting to print, email and pdf.

So, a lot to like, but sadly some massively restricting areas that prevent this being the productivity tool of your dreams. Firstly, while hopefully just a bug to get worked out, if you leave the app and then come back in to carry on, the text in your document seems to magically disappear. Secondly, there doesn't seem to be an option to edit notes you've already created, again unless there's some bugs that need working out. I hope it's the latter.

Writedown has masses of potential, and some really nice features that make it worth taking a look at, but in greater amounts some frustratingly restrictive aspects. Hopefully the developer keeps up the hard work, because underneath the kinks, there's a great app waiting to get out.

Richard Devine

Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy. Follow him on Twitter and Google+