Xenon Racer for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

Now, of course, we all know that there are plenty of options if you want to do some down and dirty, gritty, realistic driving. If that is what you want you can always turn to a series like Forza or even Project Cars. However, there is another flavor of game out there in the wild that scratches a different kind of itch. Arcade racers are made for the folks that are less concerned with realism than they are with defying the laws of physics and having a blast while doing it. If you are looking for a new arcade racer to enjoy on your Nintendo Switch, you are in luck because Xenon Racer will be making its way to the console later this year.

$50 at Amazon

What's this all about?

Xenon Racer is a futuristic racing game that seems to be designed with speed in mind. The backstory makes it seem like you could go ahead and pretend that it's a sequel to the stellar F-Zero if you wanted. Xenon Racer is set in the far-flung future of 2030. The official racing federation has decided that it is about time for the sport to transition to flying cars (cough! F-Zero). In order to make the switch to cars that don't touch the ground, the federation has decided that they will take the season off in order to prepare for the change.

In the interim, hybrid car manufacturers have decided to host their own underground tournament in cities all across the globe. Drivers will be competing in insanely cutting edge cars powered by electricity and Xenon gas. For all ya'll non-NASA nerds out there, xenon is used in ion thrusters on spaceships. These super-fast cars are certainly not your granddaddies Prius.

What is the gameplay like?

Developer 3D Clouds is promising a rip-roaring, high-speed experience as you race around circuits on the streets of major cities like Tokyo and Dubai. When you don't have the pedal slammed down the floorboards of your hyper-futuristic hybrid, you will be able to customize your car to your heart's content. From cosmetic changes like fancy paint jobs to parts that will affect speed and handling, you will be able to make your care exactly the way you want it.

The game will also feature several different play modes. You can blast through in single player mode and win it all. Or you can race with friends in two player split screen or online multiplayer.

When can you play it?

You won't have to wait long until you get your sweaty palms on the steering wheel of Xenon Racer. It will be released on the Nintendo Switch on March 26. If you are certain that you have to have it, you can pre-order on Amazon right now for $50

$50 at Amazon

Jaz Brown