Yes, there really are people sitting in line to get the unannounced iPhone 6

Apple hasn't even hinted it plans to announce the iPhone 6 during its press event in Cupertino, California on September 9, but that is not stopping some professional "phone sitters" from creating their own line outside the New York City Fifth Avenue Apple retail store to purchase the phone. reports that Brian Ceballo and Joseph Cruz were the first people in line today outside the store, with the goal of beating the previous record of someone waiting in like 18 days to get an iPhone. Both men were also in line to help promote the electronic gadget reseller BuyBackWorld. However, two other people, Jason and Moon Ray, paid the two men $1,250 in exchange for taking over those two top spots in line. The Rays are there to promote an app that lets patients chat remotely with doctors via Skype. Yes, being the first in line for the iPhone can be a big way to help market a new app or business.

What do you think of these "pro sitters" that wait in line for nearly three weeks before the launch of a new iPhone?

Source: CNBC

John Callaham

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