I have a sizeable Apple Watch band collection, and I'm always looking for the ideal storage solution. It's not that I need to show them off, per se. I just want to see them clearly when I'm making a decision about which one to wear today.

Zero Mass Apple Watch Band Storage Case

Price: $33

Bottom line: Zero Mass Apple Watch Band Storage Case is a nice way to display your bands.

The Good

  • Displays band collection
  • Velvet lined
  • Flexible use; holds 10 or 20 bands
  • Looks nice with most decor

The Bad

  • Lid doesn't stay open
  • No expansion option

Attractive display

Zero Mass Apple Watch Band Storage Case: What I like

This storage case from Zero Mass is constructed of black snake-patterned leatherette. It looks like and feels snakeskin, but no actual snakes were harmed in the creation of this case. The inside is lined with black velvet. Stretchy black elastic bands hold your watch bands in the slots. The top is plexiglass, so you can see your band collection even when the lid is closed. It's lightweight, so opening and closing the case is easy. The lid hinges are invisible, though there is a thin black ribbon on the left side that keeps the lids from overextending backward when you open it.

There are 20 pieces of elastic to hold bands in place. If you place one part of each two-piece band into its own elastic, you can store up to 10 one-piece or two-piece bands, as shown in the above photos. Alternatively, you can stack both parts of a two-piece band and tuck them under a single elastic, as shown in the photo below. That way you could store up to 20 Apple Watch bands in this storage case. Note that if your bands are on the longer side, you will not be able to avoid some overlap, as you can see with the blue and gray bands in the below photo.

The storage case is lightweight but it looks nice with just about any decor. The bands are nicely displayed and won't slide around in the case.

Not expandable

Zero Mass Apple Watch Band Storage Case: What I don't like

This is a small but irritating detail: the lid rarely stays open due to the length of the black ribbon. Placing the bands under the elastic and taking them out is a two-handed operation. So, I have to awkwardly hold the lid open with my elbow when I'm taking bands in and out of the case. I actually ended up snipping off the ribbon, which solved the problem entirely. Yes, the lid now hyperextends backward when I open it, but that's not an issue for me.

While the storage capacity is flexible up to 20 bands, if you want to store more than that, you'll have to look elsewhere. You could certainly argue that one doesn't need more than 20 bands, but, I do have them. I have to have a second case to store the rest. Do keep in mind is this case won't work for oversized bands, such as cuffs.

Overall good storage solution

Zero Mass Apple Watch Band Storage Case: Bottom line

4 out of 5

If you want a reasonably priced storage and display case for your collection of up to 20 bands, check out the Apple Watch Band Storage Case from Zero Mass. It will keep your bands secure and organized while showing them off attractively.

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